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After the recent turn of events, I really need to sell most of my things so that my family and I can [finally] move. Most of the money made from these sales will go towards my tuition and other necessities. I am grateful towards anyone who is kind enough to buy anything from me and discounts are applicable (if you don't want a free commission of your choice) for bulk orders.

Thank you.


D.N.Angel artbook Feder
Rapan Seto x Yami 2003 doujinshi
Summon Night materials and settings book
Marisa nendoroid
Clover vol.1-4 omnibus
Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Wii
Samurai Warriors/Sengoku Musou KATANA
Zombie-LOAN PEACH-PIT Artworks
Rozen Maiden TV Animation Art book Kunstwerk w/CD
Asagi Sakura Shounen Omyouji artbook
Soejima Shigenori Artworks
Azumi Tohru KINKATOU doujinshi artbook
Azumi Tohru Marchen doujinshi artbook
Pita-Ten manga 1-8
Style School volume 1
Comickers volume 1, 3
Gino x Suzaku doujinshi

Because I've been through many hardships in the past month, I really don't want to deal with bad buyers, or rather, bad people in general. Thank you for your consideration.


Tags: doujinshi, manga: english
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