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Selling: Sailor Moon card deck, random manga, Japanese lesson book, and more!

This is my first time selling on LJ so pardon if something seems off, haha.

Before we get to the goodies:
  • I only accept Paypal right now.
  • All prices include shipping via USPS Flat Rate/Media Mail within the US. I am willing to ship internationally but you must pay the extra for shipping. However I will do my best to get you the best deal.
  • Prices do not include PayPal fees. Comment or message me with what you want and I will give you a total with the email to send payment to.
  • I'm not accepting trades on this sale, since the money is going towards helping with my new car. Sorry m(_ _)m
  • I will possibly be adding more items later as I dig through our storage space. 

Now, for the stuff!

Sailor Moon Card Game Deck

The level 1 Sailor Moon card is a bit warped from age (the small box I was keeping these in ripped open and I never noticed, so there was a considerable amount of dust that had to be cleaned off). I can provide more images if you need them.

60 cards total. All other cards are in perfect/near perfect condition. Original box is not included. Only selling as a complete set.
Price: $8 USD

Random Manga

No Need for Tenchi - Mother Planet vol. 10
Naruto vol. 1
Eerie Queerie vol. 2 (18+)
Sensual Phrase vol. 1 (18+)
Disgaea Special Manga - Was a bonus for something, dunno. I used to wok at GameStop and found it in the back room, lol
Prices: $5 each. Discount if you want more than one. All in great condition, bar some creases in the spines on a couple from reading once.

Japanese for Busy People 1

Dust jacket included, good condition aside from typical wear from use. The worst damage is pictured here, in the top left corner.
All lessons inside are in roman-ji, only some opening chapter example conversations are written in hiragana.

Price: $25

Military Style Messenger Bag

Well used but in great condition (the rips are intentional, purchased that way). Coming from a home with pets but well taken care of and carefully washed (although those with intense allergies may want to stay away, sorry, sometimes they sneak in to my closet :< ). The metal part on the strap is rusted from taking it to the beach several times (used to serve as my camera bag).

Price: $20

Punk Rave brand jacket

I know, I know... its from the brand Punk Rave but its an attempt at a Sexpot ReVeNGe jacket no question XD My mom bought this for me being, well, a mom (her heart was in the right place, lol)... I own other Punk Rave clothes and the quality is good, just making it clear that this isn't a Sexpot jacket.
Like new condition, only worn a few times outside. A nice jacket, very warm but breathes well when it starts to warm up. Again coming from a home with pets, no smokers. Those with intense allergies may want to stay away, as the cats like to sneak into my closet.
Size: Japanese Medium (bust ~36 inches, sleeves from shoulder ~24 inches, length ~22 inches, and shoulder ~17 inches across.)
Price: $20

Skull bandanna

Slightly larger than average bandanna size. Never worn but stored in a closet for a long time.
Price: $5
Tags: anime, collectibles, fashion: general, franchise: sailor moon, manga: english, school
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