Perpetual Foul Mood : Abyssal Collector Soldere (solerika) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Perpetual Foul Mood : Abyssal Collector Soldere

FS: Tales of PPP Figures

Looking to sell my extra Tales of Prop Plus Petit figures, pictures and details below.

All figures have their boxes and the plastic is unopened; offers below $15.00 each not considered. Not trading for anything but Tales of the Abyss items.

*SOLD* Yuri #1

Yuri #2

Lloyd #1

Lloyd #2

Kratos #1

Kratos #2

Prices are in US dollars and do not include shipping.

Acceptable payment methods:
- Paypal: Easiest and fastest way to buy items. Prices may be adjusted if paying by credit card. Unless prior arrangements are made, items will be held for three days.
- Cash/Money Orders/Checks: Checks will be held for two weeks to allow them to clear.

Shipping: Items are being shipped from Virgina, US.
- I can ship worldwide. Cost will depend on where you are located. Default shipping will be done by priority mail, unless requested otherwise. Insurance and tracking are available upon request.

More Tales items can be found at fantasieren
Tags: collectibles, toys
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