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FS: figurines, artbooks, CDs, lolita clothes, zori, etc!

Figurines, art books, CDs, doujinshi, lolita clothes, et cetera
Items range from $0.50 - $45
Inuyasha, CLAMP, Fullmetal Alchemist, Full Moon wo Sagashite, Rose of Versailles...

♥ All items ship from Michigan, USA.
♥ Shipping is not included, as it is based on final contents of package.  Insurance is extra on top of shipping quotes.
♥ I accept Paypal or USPS money order (or cash, for local pick-up only)
♥ All items are from a smoke-free, pet-free home.
♥ Items will be sold to the person offering the highest reasonable amount
♥ feedback can be found HERE.

#1. Kobato button - $SOL tezuka_zooooone 

#2. Fullmetal Alchemist, Al w/ bird keychain - $1
(he is a little bit dusty from sitting on my shelf)

Photo 2
Photo 3

#3. Fullmetal Alchemist, Al with kitty figure - $1
(also somewhat dusty...sorry)

Photo 2

#4. Kyou Kara Maoh! Gwendal keyring - $1

Photo 2

#5. Full Moon wo Sagashite bento box (never used) - $10
Photo 2

#6. Chobits foam Sumomo keyring - $SOLD joy_animefreak

#7. Tokyo Mew-Mew furoku card deck - $3
Photo 2

#8. Cardcaptor Sakura The Windy figure - $SOLD ashketchumgirl

#9. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Fai capsule figure (no capsule).  Condition: fair - $SOLD joy_animefreak

#10. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicel, Syaoran & Mokona stampers - $SOLD ashketchumgirl

#11. Rose of Versailles KIDS keychains, Marie Antoinette and Oscar - $SOLD joy_animefreak

#12. NANA Trapnest pin - $SOLD luna_bones

#13. Cardcaptor Sakura corner sitter (school uniform, ONLY) - $SOLD ashketchumgirl

#14. Cardcaptor Sakura corner sitter (pink battle outfit, ONLY) - $5

#15. Sesshoumaru figurine - $10
(he is a bit dusty, too...)

Photo 2
Photo 3

#16. Tokyo Babylon, Seishirou figure - $SOLD tezuka_zooooone 

#17. Miyuki-chan in Wonderland, Miyuki - $SOLD tezuka_zooooone 

#18. Duklyon: CLAMP School Defenders, Red - $SOLD tezuka_zooooone 

#19. Duklyon: CLAMP School Defenders, Blue (helmet has come unglued) - $SOLD tezuka_zooooone 

#20. CLAMP Campus Detectives, Nokoru - $SOLD tezuka_zooooone 

#21.  CLAMP Campus Detectives, Akira - $SOLD tezuka_zooooone 

#22. Kobato, Kobato - $SOLD tezuka_zooooone 

#23. The Legend of Chun-li, Chun-li - $SOLD tezuka_zooooone 

#24. Chobits, Sumomo & Kotoko - $SOLD tezuka_zooooone 

#25. Fullmetal Alchemist, Al windup toy - $4

Photo 2
Photo 3

#26. Rose of Versailles, Marie Antoinette cell phone charm - $1 ON HOL super_moogles

#27. X Zero Collection art book with original cardboard folder.  Out of Print.  $25

Photo 2
Photo 3

#28. RARE Rose of Versailles art book.  Out of Print, hard to find!  $45 ON HOL super_moogles
Photo 2

#29. CLAMP Northside, CLAMP Southside art books.  English Tokyo Pop paperbacks.  $25 for the set.
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

#30. Full Moon wo Sagashite CD single, Changin' My Life's Eternal Snow - $10

Photo 2

#31. All About CLAMP art book.  HUGE compendium of all their work, up through Kobato.  $25
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

#33.  Fullmetal Alchemist ADULT doujinshi (Riza x entire office) - $5

One of the non-hentai pages (to show interior illustrations)

#34.  BLEACH ADULT DOUJINSHI: LINDA PROJECT (Orihime x Grimjow, Orihime x Aizen) - $15

(these are very lightly censored and are very graphic - contains rape)

This is the back cover -- even though I had censored the picture (just like this one), Photobucket deleted it as a violation of their TOS.  *shrugs*

#35. BLEACH ADULT DOUJINSHI: LINDA PROJECT (Rangiku Matsumoto x Ichigo x Renji) - $15

(very lightly censored, very graphic - contains threesome)

This is an inside page -- even though I had censored the cover photo (just like I did with this one), Photobucket deleted it as a violation of their TOS.  *shrugs*

#36. Ouran Host Club, ADULT doujinshi (Haruhi x everyone - individually) - $10


*****Photobucket is being a real pill right now.  If it starts working properly again, I'll upload censored images of the hentai doujinshi.*****

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