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[Selling] Anime Magazines, Pin-up Posters, Clear Folders and more!

Hi everyone! I need some Space in my room (it's getting overcrowded!) so I hope you can give your support!

The old issues of the anime magazines are taking up too much space in my room. Even though I can't bear to part with them, I have to. Since the posters and gifts that come with the magazines have all been taken out, the magazines are going for only 1 USD!! Other than magazines, there are other items for sale too, please do take a look. ^^

All the items are kept well and in very good or mint condition. Do take a look. Thanks! ^^

You can see feedback here. (100% positive)

Here are the items for sale:

Anime Magazines (2010 issues): - 1 USD + Shipping/Handling fees each
#1. Animedia (Apr 2010)
#2. Animage (Apr 2010) X 2 (I don't know why but I have 2 copies =X)
#3. Newtype (Apr 2010)
#4. Animedia (Jul 2010)
#5. Pash (Jul 2010)
#6. Animedia (Aug 2010) - Free with any purchase (a page has come off during to my carelessness)
#7. Animage (Aug 2010)
#8. Newtype (Sep 2010)
#9. Newtype (Oct 2010)
#10. Animedia (Oct 2010)
#11. Animedia (Nov 2010)
#12. Newtype (Nov 2010)
#13. Pash (Nov 2010)
#14. Animage (Nov 2010)
#15. Animedia (Dec 2010)
#16. Animage (Dec 2010)

Pin-up Poster (All A3 size): - 3 USD + Shipping/Handling fees each
#17. Tiger and Bunny
#18. Inazuma Eleven - Free with any purchase (Part of the Inazuma Eleven title was being accidentally cut off)
#19. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica
#20. Uta no Prince-sama (slightly bigger than A3)
#21. Alice in the Country of Hearts ~Wonderful Wonder World~
#22. Shinseki GPX Cyber Formula / Yoroiden Samurai Troopers
#23. Suite Precure

Big Pin-up Poster (A2 size): - 5 USD + Shipping/Handling fees each
#24. Kuroshitsuji
#25. Inazuma Eleven (sorry for the poor quality picture)
#26. Tiger and Bunny - Free with any purchase (when I opened up this poster, the centre part got stuck and in the end, there's a white spot on Tiger's chin v.v)

Clear Folders: - 6 USD + Shipping/Handling fees each
#27. K-ON

#28. K-ON Leisure Sheet (can be used for picnic) - 8 USD + Shipping/Handling fees each
#29. K-ON Pet Bottle Holder - 7 USD + Shipping/Handling fees each
#30. Inazuma Postcard Booklet (8 pages of Postcards) - 6 USD + Shipping/Handling fees each

For pictures, please visit here @ chan_chanz.

If you purchase more than 5 items, there will be a 20% discount. This discount doesn't apply to magazines but applies to items from my previous sale posts.

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