Manga Trades and Sales (tamaki_holic) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Manga Trades and Sales

WTB Manga

I'm currently looking to purchase

Yakitate! Japan Volume(s)4-9, 11-22, & 24-26
Red River 14, 25-28
Basara Volume 4-6, 18-19, 25-27 (Top Priority)
Inubaka 2-15 & 17-22
Mad love chase 1-6
Emma 7-10
Butterflies, Flowers 4-6
Your and my secret
4 + 

If you have any of these volumes and are willing to sell them at decent prices. Please let me know. I'm not that picky about the condition of books,  they can be donation books, former library books, or have slight wear on them (just as long as the pages are not falling out or have any water stains on them I'm fine). Households with pets or smokers is also acceptable. 

If you wish to trade (my preferred method of choice) you can check out my page to see if your interested in anything I currently have.

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