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Anime Box Sets: Escaflowne, Paradise Kiss, Azumanga Daioh, and Speed Grapher

Manga Sets: Peach Girl (Original, Change of Heart, and Sae's Story), Vampire Knight 1-10, High School Girls 1-9, Wish 1-4, Chobits 1-8, Azumanga Daioh 1-4, Paradise Kiss 1-5, and Hot Gimmick 1-12

Bento/Food Related Items: TakaraTomy Microwave Taiyaki Maker, Keroppi Bento Box, hello kitty egg shaper and pikachu onigiri shaper . (Note: All of my bento items are unused. However, most don't have their original packaging)

Cosplay: White platform go-go boots, size 7

I accept paypal, and only ship in the US.

Picks and prices (shipping not included) under the cut. I'm more than willing to haggle. :D

Escaflowne Box Set - $20

Paradise Kiss Box Set - $30

Azumanga Daioh Box Set - $20

Speed Grapher Box Set - $20 (the plastic thing that holds the first disk is broken)

Peach Girl - $50 (Some of these are in good shape, others acceptable)

Vampire Knight - $30 (like new)

High School Girls - $30 (like new)

Wish - $8 (good used condition)

Chobits - $10 (good used condition)

Azumanga Daioh - $20 (like new)

Paradise Kiss - $20 (good used condition)

Hot Gimmick - $60 (good used condition)

Keroppi Bento Box - $10 (not sure about the capacity of this one...)

Rose Bento Box w/ Matching Chopsticks and Case - $15 (holds 190ml on top and 270ml on bottom)

Hello Kitty Egg Shaper - $5 (I believe it is intended for jumbo eggs)

Sanrio ice cube tray - $5

Takaratomy microwave taiyaki maker - $25

Pikachu onigiri shaper - $5

White go-go boots size 7 - $25

Please e-mail me if interested at jralessandra@hotmail.com

Thanks! :D
Tags: anime, collectibles, food, manga: japanese
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