⌒☆Red (redstars) wrote in garagesalejapan,

I'm moving in a couple months, so I'm starting my clean out early! I'm located in Canada, so shipping may be a bit high. I don't know what to ask for these things, so please make an offer! Please DON'T include shipping in your offer, as it needs to be calculated. I will do my best to give you a deal on the price you offer + shipping.

Gravitation - Kumagorou plush
Ouran Host Club - Honey's Bunbun plush

Hetalia Cosplay - Belarus (XL at least, custom size, message for details)
Prince of Tennis cosplay - Rikkai (missing polo shirt, but including jacket, shorts, pants)
Hakuouki Cosplay - Harada Sanosuke (XL at least, custom size, message for details)

I can supply photos of these things, but it may take a couple days just due to work and packing. Please comment with an offer if you're interested in anything!
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