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Selling: Brand & Off-Brand Clothes, CDs, DVDs, Photobook

Shipping/Payment details:
Prices in USD
Items located in Seattle, Washington USA
Shipping is NOT included in the price! Please leave your zipcode or country (if not US) for shipping quote :D
I will ship worldwide!
I will use the shipping method most convenient for myself. Please ask if you want insurance/different shipping methods
Items will go to the first person who can pay :)
Prices are negotiable~

CDs & DVDs

Alice Nine  
Tsubasa (Limited Edition A) x2: CD & DVD with Tsubasa PV   $12
Alpha (Limited Edition): CD & DVD with Cosmic World & Blue Planet PVs   $25
Mirrorball (Limited Edition A): CD & DVD with Mirrorball PV   $12
Tsubasa (Limited Edition B): CD & DVD with Ruri no Ame PV   $12
Cross Game (Limited Edition): CD & DVD with Cross Game PV   $12

An Cafe
Kakusei Heroism (Type A) x2: CD & DVD with Kakusei Heroism PV. One CD comes with a sticker  $13 (first buyer has dibs on sticker)

An Cafe
Hibiya on the O New Sekai (Bou's Last Live) DVD, 2 disks Make an offer!

Liar Liar/Sentimental Piggy Romance (Limited Edition A): CD & DVD with Liar Liar PV   $12
Sentimental Piggy Romance/Liar Liar (Limited Edition B): CD & DVD with Sentimental Piggy Romance PV   $12

Love Letter (bootleg) - CD   $5
Vanilla (minidisc) - CD    $10

Gazette Tour Photobook

Photobook bought in Japan from the Stacked Rubbish (Pulse Wriggling to Black) tour. It's a hardcover book with nice, glossy photos of the band members.


SEX POT ReVeNGe Custom T-shirt - $30

Custom t-shirt painted by SEX POT ReVeNGe staff! SPR size small
Width: 33"-37" stretched
Length: 19" from shoulder
Back - Detail

SEX POT ReVeNGe Miniskirt $40

SPR denim miniskirt, custom painted by SPR staff, with a pleated hip flap and chain. The skirt unzips entirely into a rectangle.
Low Waist: 30"
Hips: 36"
Length: 13"

Algonquins jeans  $30

Algonquins jeans with a detachable pleated back flap. These is a red stain on the lower left leg (photo emulsion from screenprinting), and to accommodate a slightly larger size, I added a second button to the fly. I don't know how hard it would be to remove this, but buttoning the pants at either button will hide both. I am a US size 8 and these fit me comfortably.
Waist: 34" (sits at low waist), or second button gives extra 1/2" of ease
Hip: 39"
Inseam: 31" 
Back flap & patch - Front detail 1 - Front detail 2 - Front stain - Modified fly

DEORART Jeans   $35

Deorart custom torn jeans. Chain is removable. I am a US size 8 and these pants fit me comfortably.
Waist: 32" (sits at natural waist)
Hip: 40" 
Back - Detail 1 - Detail 2
Putumayo T-Shirt   $15

An oldschool Putumayo T-Shirt!
Bust: 33-36" stretched
Print detail

"Sexpot Revenge" Replica Sweater $15
A knockoff of the striped Sexpot sweaters.The neck is a v-neck and it is a very stretchy and soft sweater.
Bust: 36-48" (stretches)
Waist: 34-45" (stretches)
Hips: 42-58" (stretches)
Length: ~32"
Detail 1, Detail 2

"Putumayo" Replica Shirt   $15

This is a knockoff Putumayo shirt with adjustable shoulder straps and long sleeves. There is a small black spot on the side.
Width: 40-45" (stretches)
Length: 26" (shoulder to hem)
Straps DetailSmall Black Spot

Striped V-Neck Sweater  $12

This is a loose-knit striped sweater with a deep V neck. It is a US size S but because of the loose knit and open neck it can stretch to fit bigger sizes
Bust: Free size
Waist: 32-45"
Hip: 32-45"
Length: 24" (shoulder to hem)
Tags: fashion: general, music: jrock
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