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KPOP+Bunny iPhone covers

 I'm located in CA, USA.
I take paypal and CC.
I ship domestic and international.
All prices in USD.
Shipping outside of the US may cost more than stated.
Most photos are not mine, ask if you want proof or other photos.

I have the purple of the iPhone covers, it's new and have never been used.
$10 shipped each

Super Junior- The Second Album (Don't Don) $4 *Never used, just opened to look at.
F(x)- The First Single (Chu) $5 *Played 2 times in the car
2PM- Special China edition $7 *Never used, just opened to look at
Super Junior M- Too Perfect *Not for sale because I think it's a bootleg, You can get it as a freebie or get it for $1
Super Junior M-The first mini album (Super Girl) $6 *New, never used, just opened to look at

Lucifer album ver. b $16 shipped. New, only opened to look inside and used the CD once to rip onto iTunes.

Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun Bonamana ver B photocards.
$20 shipped, each.

Bonamana ver B Hong Kong version $8 shipped, $5 if bought with a photocard.
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