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Looking for! ^^

Hello again! I have a little bit of x-mas money and I'm looking for a few things. I can ONLY trade or buy extremely cheap! (Or half-trade/half-buy)
*A ctue messanger bag/purse/tote with a cute strawberry and cherry patch (I found some purses with cute strawberry on it, buuut, like I said, these are all gifts, I'm sticking stationary and stuff inside, so I'd like more!)
*Memopads from san-x, kamio, crux, affect, pool cool, q-lia, lemon co., etc.
*Pencil cases from above series
*Stickers from above series
*Pens/pencils (writing utensils) from above series
*Things like that (stationary items - memopads, paper, envelopes, writing instruments, stickers, etc.!) from any of those series
*God Child
*Jrock items (not really CDs unless they are the full album, I have enough singles >> and they are not too expensive!) - this includes: magazines, fliers, merchandise, etc.

Drop me a line at:
Let me know what you have. ^^ I have some of this stuff, buuuut, I'm looking for A LOT more right now for x-mas gifts still!
http://honey-rivenwolf.tripod.com <---I know! I need to update! *Sigh*
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