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14 August 2011 @ 09:30 pm
Some sales  
For the most part there is a huge post of sailor moon items in serasell.
I also have a variety of items in my journal including artbooks, plushies, random furoku items in my journal. Any questions for more pictures or details about an item please don't hesitate to ask. Also closer pics upon request. Feel free to negotiate if a price is too high, I want this stuff out!

Orders over $20 get free shipping in the US.

Wishlist if you have items I'd be open to trades.

Digi Charat, Cafe Bonheur, Gentlemens Alliance, Shugo Charat, Sapphire, Mammotte Lollipop, Cherry Juice, Inyuasha and Vampire Knight

Vanadread, Devil lady, Cutie Honey, Ikki tousen box set


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