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15 August 2011 @ 04:01 pm
Selling a bunch of anime and manga and other goodies!  
Selling a bunch of anime dvds, manga, and goodies! : ) Trying to raise some more money for tuition for next semester.
Selling .hack, Midori Days, boxsets, Pokemon, samurai deeper kyo, dn angel, pretty face, ranma, maison ikkoku, and more!!
Please take a look! C:

I also have a few books for learning Japanese.



Infinite Ryvius Boxset; $35.00
Jing the King of Bandits boxset: $20.00
Orphen season 2 boxset: $15.00

.hack//sign volume 1-6 complete set: $50.00

Arc the Lad Volumes 1-6 complete Set; $50.00

Elemental Gelade volume 1 box set: $10.00

Midori Days Volume 1-3 Complete set: $25.00

Paradise Kiss Volume 1 and 2 plus box: $15.00 ON HOLD

Ultra Maniac volume 1 with box: $8.00
Ultra Maniac volume 7: $5.00

Ranma 1/2 volumes: $6.00 each
Inu Yasha mint Volume 5 $10.00
Rumiko's Anthology volume 1: $5.00

Airgear volume 1:
Shamen King with Japanese subs volume 1:
Galaxy Railways volume 1:
Red Gardern volume 1:
Flame of Recca volume 1:
Gilgamesh Volume 1:

His and Her circumstances volume 1: $8.00
Comic Party Season 2 volume 1: $5.00
Koi Kaze volume 1: $5.00
Suzuka volume 3: $5.00

Cat girl Nuku Nuku Complete set: $15.00
Tenchi in Tokyo episodes 17-19: $5.00
Deathnote volume 7: $5.00
Claymore volume 3 mint: $10.00
Black Cat volume 3 mint: $8.00

Live Action Japanese Movies:

Gegege no Kitaro with English subs: $6.00


All samplers are $.50 each
1. Anime Works Sampler
2. Guyer, Super Gals, GaoGaiGar
3. Nuku Nuku TV episode 1
4. Dai Guard and Gravitation
5 Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat episode 1
6. Red Garden, Xenosaga, Ramen Fighter Miki
Naruto Episode 1 (x2)
Manga Gamer
Bleach epiosde 1
Geneon Reel: Strawberry marshmallow, Kyo Kara Maoh part 2, Elemental Gelade, Para para Instruction Lession
Samurai 7: Episode 1 and 2
Funimation DVD: Baki the Grappler, The Galaxy Railways, Gunslinger Girl, Mr Stain on Junk Alley


English Manga:

.hack complete set: $18.00

Ceres Volume 1 and 3: $5.00
Ceres Volume 2 (first edition): $6.00

Chronicles of a Cursed Sword volume 1-7: $4.00 each

DN Angel volume 1-4 and volume 11: $5.00 each

Gentlemen's Alliance Cross volume 1-7: $35.00 SOLD

Maison Ikkoku volume 1 and 2: $5.00 each

Pretty Face volume 1-3: $5.00 each

Rising Stars of Manga volume 1-4: $4.00 each
Rising Stars of Manga European version: $4.00

Samurai Deeper Kyo volume 1-5: $5.00 each

Skip Beat! Volume 1-3: $4.00 each

Slayers Special volume 1 and 3: $6.00 each
Slayers Novels volume 1-4: $5.00 each SOLD

Tail of the Moon volume 1 and 2: $4.00 each ON HOLD

Van Van Hunter volume 1 and 2 set: $9.00 Volume is signed!

My Girlfriend is a Geek Volume 1: $4.00
Monkey High volume 1: $4.00
Honey Hunt volume 3: $4.00
Kamikaze kaitou Jeanne volume 1: $5.00
Beast Master volume 1: $4.00 SOLD
Nodame Cantabile volume 5: $5.00

Saiyuki volume 7: $5.00
Kekkaishi volume 21: $5.00
Bride of the Water God: $5.00
Zoids volume 2: $3.00

Tokyi Babylon: $5.00
Miyuki Chan in Wonderland: $5.00
Rayearth 2: volume 1: $5.00

The Outcast volume 1: $4.00
Captain Nemo volume 1: $4.00
No man's Land volume 1: $4.00
Ravenskull volume 1: $4.00
Cirque Du Freak volume 1: $5.00

I'll give you one of these free if you buy any manga!

Japanese Manga:

Peach Girl Sai's Story volume 2: $4.00
Groove Adventure Rave volume 9: $5.00

Manga Magazines:

Shonen  Jump volume 1-4: $3.00 each

Smile: $5.00

Studio Cal: $2.00 Random manga from students

Other Magazines

Newtype (Japanese): $2.00
Dengeki Hobby: $2.00
Shonen Weekly: $2.00

Nintendo Power: $2.00 each


Sexuality Flee: $2.00

Books for Learning Japanese and Travel to Japan:

Japanese for Dummies: $8.00

Practical Japanese: $6.00

Manga/Anime Base notebooks:

Tokyo Pop notebook: $1.00 each

Shonen Jump planner: $2.00

Fruits Basket sketchbook/notebook with indent: $5.00 ON HOLD

Large Naruto Sketchbook (never opened/sealed): $7.00



Evangelion Rei figure: $8.00

Death Note figure: $3.00

Sasuke Figure: $1.00
Naruto Figure: $1.00

Other small Figures: $0.25 each

Naruto Necklace: $8.00
Itachi figure: $9.00
Rukia figure: $6.00

Kurama figure: $3.00  SOLD
Genbu figure: $1.00
Yusuke figure: $2.00

Random Stuff


Japan X 2 $0.25 each
Kyo X 0 $0.25 each SOLD
Tohru X 0 $0.25 each SOLD
Italy X 1 $0.25 SOLD
Yuki X 1 $0.25 SOLD

Lahr Neffel X1 $0.25
Sanzo X 1 $0.25
Mega Man Sticker Page: $1.00
Pikmin Sticker Page: $1.00 SOLD
Mario (Vote) $0.25 each
Mario Cart: $0.25
Hello Kitty Sticker Page: $0.50 each
Hello Kitty Note Book $2.00
"Ai" Tattoo X2 $0.25
My Little Pony tattoo $0.25
Pokemon Tattoo: $0.25
Escaflowne sticker: $0.25 SOLD
Bunny Sticker: $.50 SOLD

Naruto KeyChain: $0.25

All can be found at the link above. Some posters are gone so ask me about them! Each poster is $0.50 :D


$1.00 each
Green, yellow, red dragon: SOLD


$0.25 each
Otomen X 2
Kimi ni Todoke X 0 SOLD
The Legend of Zelda SOLD
The Gentlemen's Alliance  SOLD
Choco Mimi X 1; 1 on HOLD
Viz boys X 1
Children of the Sea X 2; 1 HOLD
Punch SOLD
Sokora Refugee X 1
Dragon SOLD

Rave Master: 0.50 ON HOLD
MeruPuri.50 ON HOLD
Kaze: 0.50 ON HOLD
Crimson hero: 0.50 ON HOLD
Otoman: 0.25 ON HOLD
Pink Heart: 0.50
Cat: 0.50 ON HOLD
Dog: 0.50 ON HOLD
Lions: 0.50
Japan Relief: 0.25 ON HOLD
Dragon: .50
Chinese Characters: .50
Princess Ai: $2.00 ON HOLD


All $0.50 cents each except $1.00 each for Sakura.
Hetalia red X 1, SOLD
Hetalia green X 1 SOLD

Someday's Dreamer X 3
CardCaptor Sakura X 2
Nana X 1 SOLD
Ikki Comix X 1 SOLD


$0.50 each pack. All opened but Naruto pack.
Shiney Naruto Card: $0.25 each


$0.25 each for small
$0.50 each for big
Harry  Pin SOLD
Finn Pin SOLD
Star Wars Pin SOLD


Cell Phone Bag X 3: $1.00 each; 1 ON HOLD
Sticker= $0.25 SOLD
Car sticker?= $.025 SOLD

ClayMore Pencil Board X2: $4.00 each

Gakuen Alice erasers: $1.00 X2; 1 ON HOLD
Gakuen Alice: Notepad keychain: $1.00 X2; 1 ON HOLD

Necklaces: $0.50 Big one ON HOLD
Watch: $1.00 SOLD

Harujuku Keychain: $10.00

Naruto Wall Scroll: $6.00

Princess Ai: sticker and art collection: $4.00
Bizenghast: sticker and art collection: $3.00

Yugioh Pens: $1.50 each
Yugioh pencils: $1.00 for new ones, $0.75 for used pencil

Sumo stickers and pens: $4.00 Never Used

Cindrella Stickers: $0.50
Fight Girl Pen: $1.50
Pochacco Sharpener: $1.00
Digimon tattoo: $1.00
Hello Kitty pencil: $1.00

Notecards? Stationary: $3.00
Pioneer Playing cards: $2.00

$0.25 each. $1.00 for Sakura Haruno.

Wallet: $0.25
IPhone case: $0.50
Power Ranger Headphones: $0.25
Fairytail Wrist Band: $0.25 SOLD

Cartoon Network Iphone Case (X2): $0.25 each
Tokyopop Wrist Band: $0.25 each ON HOLD
Viz Cellphone Case: $1.00 ON HOLD


Anime Conventions Landyards
Batman/Robin and Dexter is gone. All others are $1.00

Hangman: $0.50
Sudoku: $0.50

Cosplay Items


Linda 24B $38.00

Pink Curely wig: $40.00

Long red wig: $45.00

Long Orange Wig: $28.00

Brown Curely Wig: $25.00

Brown Ponytail (matches short brown wig) $8.00

Blue Grey medium length wig: $20.00

Short Blonde Wig: $25.00

Orihime/Rukia School Uniform from Bleach: $65.00

Costume consists of:
Chest: 34-38 inches
Waist: 28-32 inches
Hips: free. Skirt is on natural waist line

Meroko from Full Moon wo Sagashite: $45.00
Costume consists of:
-Pair of Gloves
-pair of wrist bands
-Top. Has holes for ties.
Chest: 34-37 inches Bigger chest probably will be better.
Waist:natural waist is showing so don't need
Hips: 35 inches for under hip bones.
Wrist width: 6 1/2 inches

Nami from One Piece: $20.00
lower waist: 32-38. Elastic. Sweater is a size Medium ladies.
Skirt made by my mother.

Wolfram from Kyo Kara Maoh: $85.00
Costume was made by qqcosplay.com
Costume includes:
-frilly collar

Shoulder to shoulder: 16.5 inches
Arm length from shoulder to wrist: 24 inches
chest: 40 inches
Pant's hips: 36 inches This should midway between waist and hips.
pants length: 42 inches

Riku vest and arm band from Kingdom Hearts 2: $22.00
These were made by limebarb. They are made out of pleather. The back of the jacket has some sort of dirt. It was like this when I got it. I think a wig should cover it.
White vest: $17.00 and arm band for $5.00
*Note: I AM NOT selling anything else but these two pieces. Also the armband in the first photo is not the armband I am selling.
shoulder to shoulder: 16 inches
Vest length: 22.5 inches
chest: ~36inches

Team Rocket: Jessie from Pokemon: $30.00
Costume consists of:
Costume was made by my mother years ago.

shoulder to shoulder: 16 inches
shoulder to elbow: 13 1/4 inches
chest: will fit up to 40 inches I'm only 36 inches
waist is open
hips of skirt: 36 inches (where the skirt hangs off from)
skirt length: 12.5 inches

Euphemia from Code Geass: $90.00
Should fit:
Chest: 34-38ish inches(bigger chest size most likely would be better to fill it...)
Waist: 29-32 inches
Hips: 40ish inches. It's a little loose in the hips because it falls from the waist.
Neck: 13 inches May be able to increase size a little with a different hook
Upper arm: 10-11 inches

Kagome skirt from Inu Yasha: $20.00
t should fit a person with a lower waist measurement of 32-34 inches.



$1.00 each

Naruto Headband: $5

Screw is three pieces. The headband goes under the wig and then the two other pieces are attached after with velcro. It is made out of wood and craft foam. It is super light.


Pink Heels: $7.00 size 7 ON HOLD
Black low heels: $8.00 size 9
Red Flats: $6.00 Size 10

Pig leather thigh high boots: $75.00



$1.00 each


Young boys XL: $5.00

Tokyopop shirt Size L ladys: $6.00


This are paper hats from Comic Con. I have two Snivy and Tepig, and only one Oshawott.
Each are $3.00 Shipping might a little pricey since they are very long and need a big envelop as to not damage them.

Wobbuffet Jakks- $3.00SOLD
Mime Jr. (one left) $14.00
Charizard Hasbro Beanie - $8.00Sold!
Loved Squirtle- $2.00
Jigglypuff Hasbro- $3.00
Igglybuff -$7.00
Poliwhirl Hasbro- $3.00

Hasbro Bellossom (tag)- $12.00
Jakks Chikorita -$6.00
Pikachu Keychain- $4.00
Pikachu- $8.00

Jakks Gold/Silver Box- $4.00 (Will collapse to send)

Charizard- $15.00 Sold!
Zapdos- $15.00 Sold!
Venasaur- $5.00
Blastoise- $5.00 Sold!

Lucario X-Large T-shirt. Officially from Pokemon Center
Price: $20.00

Pikachu Watch: $5.00 (needs new batteries)
Marill empty gluestick $1.00
Totodile Cup: $2.00

Charmander phone charm: $8.00
Big Tomy: $8.00 Sold!
Pin: $5.00
Clip stamp pin: $5.00 Sold!
Stamp: $4.00

Dodrio kid- $2.00
Doduo kid-$2.00
Doduo coin-$1.00
Skarmory kid- $2.00

Red Persian Marble- $4.00
Persian Kid- $2.00
Meowth Marble bag -$2.00 Sold!
Persian dog tags- $4.00 Sold!

Notebook- $12.00

-Lucario Pokemon Center Strap Charm- $5.00
-Bonsly Pokemon Center Charm- $4.00 All Sold!

-Latias Kid- $2.00
-Lucario Kid- $2.00 sold!
-Red Nidoran Female-$2.00
-(Bigger) Eevee keychain- $5.00
-Eevee Tomy- $3.00

Pikachu Keychain- $3.00
Mew Figure- $5.00
Surfing Pikachu Notepad- $7.00
Bonsly Megablock- $2.00
Jigglypuff Megablock- $2.00

Pokemon Ranger Stickers-
Whole page $5.00
Each $1.00; except egg is $0.50

Pokemon Ranger Poster- $4.00 Sold!
Firered/Leafgreen Pokedex Poster- $3.00

-Small Eevee left- $2.00
-Small Eevee right - $2.00 SOld!
-Piplup Eraser- $1.00
Pikachu Top -$1.00 Sold!
Kadabra 151 pin -$4.00Sold!
-Cloyster 151 pin -$3.00

McDonald's Zekrom- $2.00

Talking Figures:
-Bulbasaur-$9.00 Sold!
-Marill-$9.00 Sold!
-Mew-$10.00 Sold!

Wartortle puzzle- $3.00Sold!
Chansey megablock- $2.00
Raticate/Rattata Evolution card- $0.50

Topps Trading Cards
All : $0.15 each
Primape, Machoke, and Golem are gone.

Evolution cards: $0.50 each
Japanese Eevee cards $1.00 each

kuromeru_chankuromeru_chan on August 16th, 2011 02:06 am (UTC)
Hello! I am interested in Bride of the Water God 1, cirque du freak, and the freebie hetalia volume 1 please. What would shipping be to 48306 USA?
Yaminogame: HIbiki-Cool Guygaarasyami on August 16th, 2011 05:06 am (UTC)
Media Mail Shipping would be $3.00 with packaging. : )
kuromeru_chankuromeru_chan on August 17th, 2011 12:57 am (UTC)
okay! give me the total and your paypal and I can send payment. :)
Yaminogamegaarasyami on August 17th, 2011 03:28 am (UTC)
13.69 is the total for the books, shipping, and paypal fee. My paypal is maarmstr@USC.edu Thanks so much!!
kuromeru_chankuromeru_chan on August 18th, 2011 11:09 pm (UTC)
okay, paid!!! thank you very much. :)
Yaminogamegaarasyami on August 18th, 2011 11:49 pm (UTC)
Thank you! :D I'll send it soon!
Yaminogame: Arielgaarasyami on August 21st, 2011 08:38 pm (UTC)
I will mail it tomorrow. Sorry about the wait. I was moving into my new apartment. When you get the items can you leave feedback here: http://gaarasyami.livejournal.com/25093.html
(Deleted comment)
Yaminogamegaarasyami on August 17th, 2011 06:47 pm (UTC)
Hi. I don't think they wanted all of them. i'll ask which ones they wanted. : )
Yaminogame: Misty Ashgaarasyami on August 17th, 2011 08:33 pm (UTC)
She only ones the big one. So the the two smaller ones are available still :D
(Deleted comment)
Yaminogame: Lovegaarasyami on August 18th, 2011 10:34 pm (UTC)
The next time I see her I am going to give her the big dragon necklace. But I am not holding the other two.
(Deleted comment)
Yaminogame: Lovegaarasyami on August 21st, 2011 05:09 am (UTC)
Shipping would be $1.75 and 0.50 for the package. And today I went through some things in storage and I found another one of those Pearl watches. It's a dollar if you want it. I think it was from Comic Con since it was in my comic con stuff.
(Deleted comment)
Yaminogame: Kuramagaarasyami on August 21st, 2011 05:17 am (UTC)
It was in a box so I think it perfectly fine, but I think the battery needs to be replaced.
(Deleted comment)
Yaminogamegaarasyami on August 21st, 2011 05:19 am (UTC)
OKay. C: I will find all the goodies.
Yaminogamegaarasyami on August 21st, 2011 08:37 pm (UTC)
Will send tomorrow. When you get the items can you leave me feedback here. http://gaarasyami.livejournal.com/25093.html thank you
Yaminogame: Neptunegaarasyami on August 21st, 2011 05:13 am (UTC)
$5.71 is total without watch and $6.74 with watch. (includes paypal fee) My paypal is maarmstr@usc.edu