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Selling: BTSSB lolita socks, kawaii, totoro, anime/manga, etc.

welcome kawaii Pictures, Images and Photos

- I ship from USA
- I only accept paypal
- No international shipping, sorry!
- Prices are negotiable
- my feedback: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=gwn_w303&ftab=FeedbackAsSeller
- Please leave feedback here: http://kurimukeki.livejournal.com/775.html 
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Logo Socks
$22 shipped
Condition: New
Comments: 20" long (knee length)

Little Twin Stars Cosmetic Pouch (For Sale in Japan only)
$16 shipped
Condition: New with tags
Comments: Different designs on each side.


Little Twin Stars Landyard (For Sale in Japan only)
Condition: New in packaging
Comments: Different designs on each side.

Cram Cream Pony  Mini Memopad
$3.50 shipped
Condition: new in packaging
Comments: 2.5" x 3"

Licca Doll head
$4 shipped (for each head)
Condition: New
Comments: Needs a body

Pink w/ white dots Hair turban
$4 shipped
Condition: new in packaging
Comments: for bath use


Sakura Pouch
$3.50 shipped
Condition: New w/o packaging
Comments: 5" x 7"

My Neighbor Totoro 3-D photocard
$6 shipped
Condition: Great
Comment: Image looks like it 'pops-out'. 4.5" x 5.5" Card is flexible

My Neighbor Totoro Transparent Mousepad
$5.50 shipped
Condition: New w/ defects (bent mark on upper left corner)
Comments: 7" x 10"

Diary journal
$5 shipped
Condition: New w/o packaging
Comments: 5" x 7"


Saliormoon items
$2.50 shipped (mini notebook)
$3.50 shipped (keychain)
Condition: Great
Comments: 4" x 5" (mini notebook). 4" (keychain)

Final Fantasy XII Cloud Strife Cloth Poster
$5 shipped
Condition: Great
Comments: 27" x 38"

Prinzessin Sakura manga vol. 1 (German Verison)
$6.50 shipped
Condition: Excellent
Comments: manga book is in German

The Wallflower manga vol. 6
$6.50 shipped
Condition: Excellent

~ Handmades items (by me) ~

$4 shipped (pony)
$2.50 shipped (bunny)

Doll pen
$6.50 shipped
Comments: ink is bright, mily orange

Cellphone charm
$3 shipped
Comments: You can put your own mini picture in the 'locket'

Tags: anime, dolls: general, franchise: sailor moon, manga: english, manga: other, posters, stationery
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