ose93 (ose93) wrote in garagesalejapan,

wtb: Yaoi manga/Spanish language manga

 Hello everyone,

I am looking to buy yaoi manga, show me what you have~

I am especially interested in the following titles:

-A Strange and Mystifying Story volume 2
-You Will Drown in Love volume 2
-You Will Fall in Love
-A Capable Man

...but, again, show me what you have. ^^

As for Spanish manga, I will look at anything you have. I would like to know the region the manga is from as well.

I love buying in bulk~

I want to buy only within the US, and will be paying with cash. Here is my feedback:


Also, if you have Zoro/Sanji doujinshi, I am very interested.
Tags: doujinshi, manga: english, manga: other

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