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Selling a bunch of manga among other things.
The manga are $7 shipped. If you buy more than 3, than they're 6 shipped. Beside normal shelf-wear they're in good condition, unless stated otherwise.

-INVU vol. 1-3
-Descendants of Darkness vol. 1-2
-Please save my Earth vol. 1 (small cease on the cover in the upper left corner)
-Suki vol. 1
-Kare Kano vol. 5
-Kill me, Kiss me vol. 1
-Eerie Queerie vol. 1-2
-Get Backers vol. 1-3
-Candidate for Goddesss vol. 1
-Saiyuki vol.1
-Rave Master vol. 8
-Naruto vol. 2

Newtype USA: $7 shipped
-Jan 2005 (1 pg missing in the reviews section)
-March 2003
-Sept 2004

Freebies, just pay shipping:
-Tokyopop sneaks 2004 vol. 1-3 (Two copies of vol.2)
-ADV manga sample summer 2004
-Animenation catalog 2004

I accpet cash, money order and checks. No deadbeats please.
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