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Sales and searching

I'm selling these!!!

Most the following manga are in french. I don't have interest in the following series anymore. They all going to be individual.

Volume 1 to 11
Volume 14
Volume 15
Volume 28 to 42
Volume 3 (a 3-in-1 volume)

L'apprenti mangaka (from the DB author. Mangaka tricks)

Only a few images that I have. They alll are in good shape.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

x. All the volumes are in FRENCH since I got them from the French edition.
x. The price of one volume: 8$ except the 3-in-1 volume that I want 10$
x. They are pretty much in good condition, except they all have my signature with the date I got them in each volume in them. Some of them have small missing pieces due to a point thing to have DB produce.
x. Shipping is 3$, but it will change if it’s overseas.
x. I accept Money Order only. I don’t have a paypal account. And keep in mind that I live in CANADA, so it’s Canadian money. I do accept doing oversea orders.
x. I’m not responsible of the package went it leaves the post office.
x. Leave a comment if you are interested.
x. If you want more info, email me at: kudo_hikari[at]yahoo[dot]ca

YGO Trading Card Game packages

I’m still searching for buyers for my YGO packs. All cards are in excellent conditions and rarely used in the game.

Here again is the packs:

Dragon Pack #1

Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Forteress #1 (SDY-003)
The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave (LOD-037) 1st Edition
Ryu-Ran (SDP-003)
Crawling Dragon (MRD-012)
One-Eyed Shield Dragon (LOB-087)
Manga Ryu-Ran (SDP-022)
Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon (SDP-020)

Price: 4.00$ + shipping

Dragon Pack #2

Gray Wing (LOD-041) 1st Edition
Twin-Headed Fire Dragon (PSV-042) 1st Edition
Baby Dragon (SDJ-003) 1st Edition
Blackland Fire Dragon (MRD-062)
Curse of Dragon (SDY-008)
Pitch-Dark Dragon (MFC-008) 1st Edition
Kiryu (MFC-009) 1st Edition

Price: 6.00$ + shipping

Dragon Pack #3

Lizard Soldier (LOD-038)
Dragon Zombie (SDY-014)
Tyhone #2 (MRL-017)
Koumori Dragon (SDK-006)
Gray Wing (LOD-041) 1st Edition
Armed Dragon LV3 (SOD-EN013) 1st Edition
Troop Dragon (LOD-042) 1st Edition

Price: 5.00$ + shipping

Warrior Pack #1

Throwstone Unit (LOD-017) 1st Edition
Wall Shadow (MRL-056)
Zombyra the Dark (LON-074)
Horus’ Servant (SOD-EN016) 1st Edition
Amazoness Paladin (MFC-059)
Trap Master (SKE-018)
Kojikocy (SKE-005)
Battle Ox (SKE-002)
Price: 5.00$ + shipping

x. Shipping is 2$ more or less.
x. Canadian dollars and since I don’t have a paypal account, send a check.
x. Send me a email to have more details or when to seal the deal at: kudo_hikari[at]yahoo[dot]ca

I'm currently searching for anything CDs from Weiss Kreuz. If you guys have any, it will be welcome. Althought, I have three of them already (I can't remember the titles by heart), 2 being OST from the show and the OVA and the other is an album from the group.

Please, comment here or contact me by email.
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