Kanra (roihoxai) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Madoka Magica and preorders!

I am finished with my vacation on Monday and going back to Japan, so I'm going to take preorders for a lot of things featured on my Tumblr.

This Charlotte plushie is one of them! She transforms into the version in episode 3, too. More pictures inside. Charlotte will be around $57 with a little more for shipping outside of Japan. I will be actually taking the preorder deposits starting September 1 as she is released September 9. 

The same plushie transforms into this version (Mami not included, but this makes me think Madoka plushies are coming, too) I also have three Madoka Magica rubber straps left for $12 each!

Mami, Madoka, and Homura are available! Please check out http://animemerch.tumblr.com/ for any preorder or ordering information. I have a lot of Tiger&Bunny and Ao no Exorcist stuff coming in very soon, too!
Tags: collectibles
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