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Stuff on Ebay and Bonanza

I'm selling Manga, Games & Anime over on Bonaza right now. You can follow the link here: Click. Feedback from ebay can be found here. I do have some anime/manga auctions over at ebay so you can view them when you click my profile or the following links: Link 1, Link 2 and Link 3

Besides that, I'm also selling manga and Jpop CDs for cheap because something is wrong with them in one way or another. I just want to know if there are any takers before I start getting rid of them. (US only please). Thanks!
All prices don't include shipping. PM me for pictures or if you want to combine shipping with the stuff I have on Bonanza:

Ex Library manga Manga (0.50 cents per book)
1. Vampire Knight 1-3 (English release by Viz, has missing pages on all three. I guess people are taking the pages co'z of the bishies) 
2. Tokyo Mew Mew 1-6 (Spanish release by Norma Editorial. The dustcover jackets are there, but they are missing the last page (library staff tore it to get rid of the library barcode). For some books they are just ads but in some, it's part of the author's notes. If you are only reading it for the story, all the pages are there) 
3. Dragon Drive 1 (English release by Viz. Spine is falling apart but all the pages are there)
4. InuYasha 2 (English release by Viz 2nd to the last page has a tear (ad page)
5. Tokyo Babylon 6 (missing the first 3 pages which is the introduction and possible insert. But the start of the chapter is there)

JPOP CDs. (2 dollars each)
*All the CDs play. Except for Fence of Defense, Coil & Chara, all their problems are damaged cases.

1. Ruriko Kubo - Pocket People (There's a scratch on the paper cover)
2. Sachiko Kumagai - Poison Kiss (damaged case)
3. Fence of Defense - IV Red on Lead (some scratches on the CD; Obi included)
4. Skoop on Somebody - Save our Souls (Hub ring which holds the CD is broken and it's a damaged case as well)
5.Chara - Yoake Mae (Incredible dirty CD and the case is damaged)
6. Lou - Bou wa tei [On the seawall] (Damage Case; Obi included).
7. Coil - Auto Reverse (2 disc set with incredibly dirty CDs)
8 .The Groovers - Rosetta Stone (Damaged case)
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