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Anime!! Clothing!! Accessories!!


**Updated 09/04/2011**  

DVDs  (Naruto Shippuden, Gurren Lagann, Eureka 7, Samurai X, D-Gray-Man....)

Clothing/Accessories (DOMO ski mask, Liz Lisa, Cecil McBee, Harajuku Lovers....)


At this time, I am accepting paypal payments only. I do not hold items for any reason I am not accepting trades. I willship worldwide. All items will be shipping from the USA.  SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICES. 

Please ask for a shipping costs (include zip code or country to be shipped). 370+ POSITIVES FEEDBACKS through ebay! (ask for the link)


#1) Liz Lisa pink top (partial tag....assuming it was to prevent returns) $15


#2) Domo Ski Mask. New With Tags $5

#3) Cecil McBee Bikini. Rhinestone Logo on rear of bottoms. $14

#4) Harajuku Lovers bag WITH Wallet. The bag is new with tags. $50 


#1) Gurren Lagann Set 01 (2 DVDs, English & Japanese audio, Episodes 1 - 9) $6 

#2) Gurren Lagann Set 02 (2 DVDs in 1 case, JAPANESE AUDIO w/ English subtitles, Episodes 10 - 18) $6

#3) Samurai X movie. (1 DVD total, English audio) $5

#4) Eureka 7 Vol 1 (Episode 1 - 5) & Vol 2 (Episode 6 - 10) *SOLD AS A SET ONLY* $8

#5) Naruto The Movie: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom $6 

#6) Naruto Shippuden Box set 1 & 2 *SOLD AS A SET ONLY* $20 **SOLD**

#7) D.Gray-Man Season 1, Part 1 & 2 *SOLD AS A SET ONLY* (I paid $47.99 for EACH of these!) Part 2 is still new in plastic wrap!! $50

If you have any questions, just ask :)

Tags: anime, fashion: general
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