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Major Clearance! Rare and Cheap Books + Cosplay Stuff

Please read before purchasing!
  • I'm located in the Bay Area, CA.
  • I'm a full-time student so shipping normally takes place during the closest weekend.
  • Shipping is not included unless otherwise stated.
  • Free anime/video game-related stuff will be included whenever possible!
  • My feedback (+27)
  • Older Sales (Eureka 7 Anemone cosplay, 2 wigs - Shipping included!)

Now on to the items!

1. Cosplay 100 IV Photo Collection - $25
Condition: Good, outside cover flap has general wear but inside cover and pages are in great like-new condition.

100% unavailable online, let alone outside of China!
This is part of a series of cosplay photo collection books that were sold exclusively at conventions in China.
The book is 192 pages and is filled to the brim with cosplays from every series and genre (even a historical T.V. drama, lol), convention reports (including one on AX here in California...?), and prop and makeup tutorials.

2. Valkyria Chronicles Design Archive - $35
Condition: Brand new, just received in mail and flipped through.

Massive beast of an artbook (400 pages!!), filled with character profiles and concept art for every aspect of Valkyria Chronicles.
Bought online only to discover it wasn't really what we thought it would be so we're selling it at a discounted price (original price on book: $49.99).

3. How to Draw Manga Bishounen - $25
Condition: Shoujo Characters has some small pen marks on cover, but inside pages are in great condition.
How to Draws are all like new with no noticeable flaws.

OR separately for:
  •  Let's Draw Manga Shoujo Characters - $12
  • How to Draw Manga Couples - $20 
  • How to Draw Manga Drawing Bishounen - $25
 Let's Draw Manga Shoujo Characters leads you through the basics of drawing a wide variety of cute shoujo styles.
Besides the general "step-by-steps", the author also includes pages of different hairstyles and costume designs, as well as a beginners' toning tutorial and comic tutorial.

 How to Draw Manga Couples is a great reference book that walks you through drawing great-looking couples.
The author guides you through the hurdles of height differences, drawing date scenes, that pesky kiss scene, etc. Both straight and same-sex couples in this book!

How to Draw Bishounen is a handy reference book with not only an extensive anatomy section at the beginning but also TONS of full-color photo references for the aspiring yaoi / boy's love artist. Or, uh, if you also would like to draw boys playing guitar with brooms.

4. S Magazine (April 2008) - $12
Condition: Great condition, general wear from storage but nothing major.

Japanese language magazine centered around manga art and photography with an extremely charming cover image.

5. Wind & Clover: Shel's Personal Atlus - $25
Condition: Pages are a little wiggly (as if there was water on it and it dried) for some reason, but nothing is serious enough to impact the beauty of the artwork!

I got this at a Chinese convention about 5 years ago and it holds a lot of precious memories to me but my taste has changed so I'd like to see this gorgeous artbook go to someone who could appreciate it more. :'-)
Contains both original works by Shel Yang and Naruto fanarts for a section. Beautiful watercolor spreads. Comes with a poster of one of her works.

6. Final Fantasy X-2 "The Sphere with Materials" Game Guide - $10
Condition: Like new. No issues at all.

I...don't even know where this came from. I don't even own the game, lol.
Japanese language with character profiles, dress sphere descriptions, battle tactics, some concept art, etc.

7. L File No. 15 - $30
Condition: Like new, VERY well taken care of.

I used to love this, but I've since grown out of Death Note and need the space.
This was a Chinese language post-movie book with some beautiful, vivid photoshoots of Ken'ichi Matsuyama as L.
Also includes an exclusive color comic documenting L's daily life and some notes and interviews about the movie. I can translate the comic but the rest would take wayyy too long, lol.

8. Death Note 3: L, Change the World DVD - $8 ($5 with L File No. 15)
Condition: Brand new and sealed, Outer box has been opened but DVD case itself is still sealed.

Japanese language with English subtitles available. I don't intend on watching it again any time soon so I'm selling it.

That's it! Thanks for looking.
Please ask if you have any questions, and don't forget to check out my older sales.

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