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WTB: Code Geass doujinshi


I'm looking to buy some volumes of a Code Geass doujinshi entitled "Sekai wa Uso de Dekiteiru" by Classic Milk + Peace and Alien. I am specifically looking for volumes 2-6. I'd like to buy from someone who has most or all of these and is willing to sell them for a bit cheaper than the price they go for individually. Thank you!

Stuff still for sale:
Individual Manga, Manhwa, and Manhua Volumes and One Shots
*Also available but unlisted is Bound Beauty volume 1
Japanese Language Manga and Doujinshi
Manga Bundles
(and one manhwa bundle)
Newtype-USA Centerfolds
Official Anime Soundtracks
Pokemon Cards
Art books/Guidebooks/DVDs/Toys/etc.

I haven't sold on LJ before but I have on eBay.
I'm looking for some good homes for my unwanted stuff. I have a ton of
centerfold posters from Newtype-USA Magazine, manga, anime soundtracks,
and other items (more coming soon!). I can ship anywhere and will only
accept payment through PayPal. All items are shipped from central Texas,
USA and I do not have any pets or indoor smokers. Prices do not
including shipping unless stated.

I trade as well!

I'm mostly looking to sell, but I'll trade for the following (listed in order of what I currently want most):
Kazuya Minekura/Saiyuki Artbooks: Backgammon Remix and Salty Dog VI (preferably with obi)
Code Geass: Relation artbook (WITH OBI)
Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne manga artbook (w/poster)
Shinshi Doumei Cross/Gentlemen's Alliance Cross artbook (preferably American version to match my Full Moon wo Sagashite one ^_^)
Hakuouki merchandise (especially Okita Souji!!)
CLAMP merchandise (ARTBOOKS! :D)
Sailor Moon merchandise (mainly Sailor Neptune)
Pandora Hearts artbooks (anime and manga ones, though mostly looking for the latter right now)

Doujinsh (Title - Pairing; especially interested in these/this circle):
Sailor Moon - Haruka/Michiru; Studio Canopus
Code Geass - Suzaku/Lelouch; Classic Milk + Peace and Alien
Yu Yu Hakusho - Yusuke/Kurama or Hiei/Kurama; Hinerima
Detective Conan - Heiji, KID, or Shinichi; can be gag doujinshi, yaoi, or normal romance
Yu-Gi-Oh! - Bakura/Ryou or Ryou-centric yaoi, Kaiba/Jou

By merchandise, I mean I'm not looking for DVDs or manga. Not interested in dolls or cosplay, either.
Tags: anime, doujinshi, manga: english, manga: japanese, wanted
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