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Cosplay for sale


I've been meaning to do this for a while, but here is my huge cosplay selling post. Costumes and Wigs!

Here's a few FAQs:
☆ Unless noted, all costumes are made by me.
☆ Unless noted, cosplays fit the following approximate measurements: 40, 32, 40
☆ All prices include shipping within the USA
☆ I will not ship outside the USA
☆ Prices listed are OBO
☆ Trades may or may not be accepted. I am looking for a few wigs, but no cosplay.
☆ Feel free to email me at if you have a question, I do respond to questions here though.
☆ Feedback for myself can be found on my selling journal here

Lolita Outfit

Includes skirt, Top with detachable collar and headdress. Off brand.
Worn: here

Maylene of Kuroshitsuji

Includes dress and apron.
Worn: here (please note this was worn with a petti coat)
$60 OR $85 with wig

Ranka of Macross Frontier

Includes skirt with detachable bows, top, "sleeves", ribbons for wrists, bow for hair.
Size: Skirt is larger than the measurements given. As long as bust measurements aren't too much more it could fit quite a few inches larger.
Worn: here
$80 OR $100 with wig

Orihime of Bleach Arrancar Arc outfit

Includes: Hakama, dress, coat, and black sash which I forgot to put on the dress form. Please see below:
Worn: here

Renge of Ouran Host Club

Includes: Dress and Collar
Size: Can fit a 34 inch waist
Worn: here

Princess Serenity of Pretty Gaurdian Sailor Moon

Includes: Dress Please note that this is built off a bought dress.
Size: It is slightly smaller than the measurements given.
Worn: here

Maylene Wig:

From Ayaname Satoru, pigtails are detachable

Ranka Wig

From Ayaname Satoru, pigtails are detachable

Blue Bob wig

Not heat resistant

Light blonde wig

Not heat resistant. Worn as Fuu here.

Pink wig

From cosplaywig. Not heat resistant, in need of some TLC. Worn as Utena here

Sailor Pluto wig

From Cosworks and originally styled by nami__chan a million years ago. Just needs a few pins and it will be Pluto again.

Light green long wig

From Cyperous not heat resistant. Worn once, meant for Shion of Higurashi.

Orange Bob

From some store in NYC, super silky and nice, not believed to be heat resistant
Tags: fashion: cosplay, fashion: egl
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