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tons of goods for sale! Tiger&Bunny, Ao no Exorcist, Hetalia, Kuroshitsuji, and more!

And I'll be adding some more posters and things tomorrow. I still have a lot of merchandise, so please check my full listing:

http://roihoxai.livejournal.com/8228.html  <--- Plush, clear files, etc.
http://roihoxai.livejournal.com/7564.html <---- Posters 
http://roihoxai.livejournal.com/8690.html  <--- Pokemon and Pokemon Center items


Preview of my items beneath the cut!

 A1 Tiger&Bunny Callbands (all heroes available) $15 each
  A2 Austria Hetalia plushie $35 (last I could find available in Japan) 
      A38 Love Cos magazine including patterns for Izumo and Madoka (scale) as well as Okumura Rin and others (not scale), character sheets, etc. 100pgs $25
  A39 Rare Yu Yu Hakusho pin set $20

  A40-A48 Hetalia 2009-2010 hanging cards $8 a piece
   A56, A57 Blue Exorcist special clear cards $6 a piece

   A58-71 Blue Exorcist cards (have pictures on back) $4 a piece
  A73 Hetalia Roman Empire 2009/2010 plushie $35
  A82-A83 Monster Hunter/Hello Kitty Lawson's raffle items fan and headphones. Fan: $13 Headphones: $16

 A96 Nano (Togainu no Chi) figure $15
   A116 Limited Edition Tiger&Bunny sticker film strips $8 a piece limited amounts available
 A117 One of each of Durarara VOICE figures available. Each figure is being sold for $16 a piece.
   B13 Shaman King/Cowboy Bebop $7
   B32 Hetalia $5

    B33 Hetalia $5
   B66 Hetalia $6
   B67 Hetalia $6
   B83 Basara $6
   B84 Basara $6
   B90 Kuroshitsuji $6
   B91 Kuroshitsuji $6
  D10 Pikachu bowtie plush $23, D11 Darumakka plush $20, D12 Meowth bowtie plush $23
  D15 Emonga hat $15, D16 Scraggy hat $15
 D40 Tabunne Pokedoll, D41 Emonga Pokedoll, D42 Tympole Pokedoll $18 each
 D43 Halloween Pikachu $25, D44 Hitomoshi Pokedoll $18, D45 Musharna doll (not Pokedoll) $25 (LAST I COULD FIND!!)
 D57 Cincinno plushie $20 D58 RARE Prize-only Mijumaru plush from Osaka Pokemon Center $30
 D59 Zekrom pokedoll $35 D60 Reshiram pokedoll $35 (They are bigger and more expensive than normal Pokedolls)

Tags: collectibles, posters
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