never seen by waking eyes. (bodyline) wrote in garagesalejapan,
never seen by waking eyes.

anime + manga

So I'm hoping to get rid of this last bit of stuff I have that I don't want anymore. :)

All prices for sets are negotiable, but individual sales are set.
I'll accept trades for the following manga series: Yu-Gi-Oh!, Loveless, Lovely Complex, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, D. Gray-man, CLAMP, or Soul Eater. ...But mostly I want Yu-Gi-Oh! XD I'm not really up for trades for anime series, but I might be persuaded, so it's always worth asking.

I prefer payment through Paypal, and I will ship overseas. Pics available on request. :)

Rozen Maiden complete series boxset $25
Final Fantasy: Unlimited v.1 $10

Manga (all English)
The Gentlemen's Alliance v. 8 $4
Ouran High School Host Club v.1, v.3 - v.7 $4 each, $30 for the set
D.N Angel v.1 - v.11 $4 each, $40 for the set
Tags: anime, manga: english
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