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Reporting bad user: jessioriginal

I'm posting a warning about a user who I don't think is on garagesalejapan, but is known to be a problem buyer elsewhere. I just want to warn anyone who ends up running into her. This is in regards to my shopping/proxy-buyer service. Apparently she has done this several times before so I think a proper warning is in effect.

jessioriginal is the user. Alternate username is syberiawinx.

She lied about when she sent out payment and then claimed I had received the money before the postmark date on the payment.
She ignored the messages I sent keeping her updated and the policies I told her I had regarding the kind of payment she sent.
She made wild accusations about the situation before her payment had even arrived and persisted in making them during the hold period.
She continuously changes her story and contradicts herself in her attempts to threaten some kind of legal action and is belligerent and continues to be defensive.
She lies about the messages and comments I sent her previously and claims she had no idea, even with proof on a public community which she responded to.
She also asked for me to purchase adult content items but refuses to show proof of age after displaying immature behavior and claims her adulthood is readily apparent and claims she will use that as evidence in court.

I have offered her a refund because I do not want to deal with her anymore and am sending it. She is refusing the refund and demands the items she asked me to purchase as well as the cost of the items plus some and is claiming I am stealing the items from her. Of her own admission, she has done this before and has managed to get 3x the money back from someone else previously along with whatever she asked them to buy her. Other users have mentioned that she has been a problem as well and that they have refused their services to her.

I'll be posting on reportthem as well.

Please be extremely aware of this user. None of the other people who had issues with her before said anything until after the situation became bad. She seems to do the same thing on other forums. I don't want anyone else to risk tangling with her.

EDIT :: This is the mod-post on another comm regarding a post where  started getting defensive and erasing comments people made about the situation.

 I also now have all the PMs and emails on screencap. Thanks for the advice.
Tags: !scammer
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