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30 October 2011 @ 03:39 am
FREE Shipping Promo on various In-Stock items; Pre-Order  
FREE shipping Worldwide on various IN-STOCK items (Promo until November 5, 2011 or until supply last)


Arashi TIME Album (Japan Version) - $37
Arashi Anniversary Tour [2DVD] - $46
Arashi To Be Free (Korea Version) - $18

KAT-TUN Going! LE Type B (Japan Version) - $20

Official Goods

Sakurai Sho Kamisama no Karute Neck/Shoulder Strap - $28
Arashi Beautiful World Tote Bag - $32
Arashi Beautiful World Marker Set - $18

Kpop DBSK Earrings (Asmama)

Xiah Style Earrings - $12.40
Hero Style Skeleton Cross Earrings - $10

Preview of Arashi CDs/DVDs
Preview of KAT-TUN CD
Preview Arashi Official Goods
Preview of Kpop Asmama Earrings

Shipping via Registered Airmail

-------------Below Items/Goods are not included in the Promo--------------

Miscellanous/Unofficial Items

Arashi Baller - $2.50 each color

Arashi Bracelet - $12  (preview HERE)

Magazines (Official)

Myojo November 2011 Issue [Cover: Kis-My-Ft2] w/ NYC Pouch Bag - $25
Eye-Ai English Magazine December 2010 Issue [Cover: Arashi] - $14
Eye-Ai English Magazine June 2011 Issue [Cover: AKB48] - $14


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