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Please help fund my study abroad!
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Lots for sale:
Fruits Basket vol. 8-17 + other manga
JE (All Arashi) concert DVDs, CD, magazines, + more
BJD Wigs, Clothes, Shoes, Haute Doll, + more
iPod Touch 2nd Gen. (8GB)

** I'm kind of desperate to sell this stuff because I need to buy a passport soon. 
If you make a reasonable offer, I'll probably accept! **

All comments will be screened.

Shipping/Ordering Info

Fruits Basket vol. 8-17 (vol. 18 is sold):  Good condition.
$4.00 each or $38 for all

Zig*Zag vol. 1:  Great condition.


2010-11 Arashi SCENE Tour DVD (Dome+), First Press, Japanese version
Played once.  Perfect condition.  Includes the training camp and Mada Minu Sekai E Making Of footage.

Arashi's Boku no Miteiru Fuukei CD, First Press, Japanese version
Opened, never played.  Perfect condition.

Scene 10-11 Tour Nino Mini Uchiwa
Perfect condition.

Myojo October 2009
Pin-ups not included.  Young Song booklet (feat. lyrics to Arashi's singles A.RA.SHI through 5x10) is included.
Koike Teppei
Young Song Booklet

Duet April 2010
and Hey!Say!7/Hey!Say!Best pin-ups included. They were on my walls, so
they have a bit of wear-and-tear, including a torn edge on the KAT-TUN
On the magazine, the edge is a little curled up.  This is how I received
it.  Otherwise, great condition. 
(It looks a litle messed up in the photo, but that's just the plastic
sleeve it is in.)
Damage Photo
Aiba Masaki
Kis-My-Ft II


Doll In Mind Ninomiya Kazunari SD Minimee
Face-up by me.  For all doll sales, I prefer you have some sort of feedback, or you inquire here at Den of Angels.
$85 + $6 domestic shipping w/ tracking (insurance and international shipping extra)

Yo-SD Straw Hat
Shown on an MSD, it's quite small, but it fits.
$1 or free with any purchase

Velcro-back Shirts
Machine-made. Velcro up back.
Navy Blue fits a smaller boy/girl SD
Purple sold
$3 each

Sleeveless Hoodie
This would fit a 65/70cm doll best (like DBDoll), but it also works on skinnier 60cm (like FDoll). Made by a DoA user whose name escapes me.

Handmade Socks
For bigger-footed dolls. Handmade (crocheted? knitted?) by DoA user nightengale.

SD Skater Shoes
American Girl shoes, fit SD boys kind of like skate shoes. Bottoms are slightly yellowed due to age, and they're not perfect, but they're cute.

SD Scarf Set
Hand-knit scarves and muffler [Muffler | Scarf]. The scarves are mishapen when straight but look fine worn.
$2.25 shipped for all or add either to any purchase for an additional $0.75

Handsewn jean skirt (back is messed up), blue furwig sold
Free with any purchase

14mm Light Turquoise glass, Unknown brand $25
14mm Ersa Flora custom silver, $8
SOLD 16mm Blue/Purple glass)

Short red Luts wig (left) wig on doll $9
Shoulder-length red Luts wig (right) $9

Haute Doll Magazine
November/December 2009 (left) $9
May/June 2007 (right)  (Slight wear-and-tear.  Also, a scratch on the cover. see damage here) $8


2nd Generation 8GB iPod Touch
A few years old, but in good condition.  I will clear all of my
info/music off before selling.  Probably needs a new screen cover as
this one's a little worn, but I'll leave it on for shipping.  The back
is a bit scratched due to age.  I'll clean it off before selling.
Does not include earphones or the original box.  Includes USB cable.
Tags: dolls: bjd, idols: johnny's, magazines, manga: english, music: jpop
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