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01 November 2011 @ 04:48 pm
DS/DT Babyssb jsk, NWT Innocent World blouse.  
Feedback: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/690797.html

I will consider trades too.

Hello, I have this Baby The Stars Shine Bright JSK for sale.

In the pictures you can see that the lace on the front has stretched a little where the ribbons go through. Also on the bottom there are some pulls in the lace that aren't noticeable unless close up as you can see in the photo.There may be some feint yellowing in some places on the lace.This JSK is totally wrinkle proof, washable and whiteners don't effect the tartan.There have been many versions of this JSK with slight design differences however this one is the same version as the one from the Shimotsuma Monogatari movie.
Hello Lace:http://hellolace.net/wardrobe/baby-the-stars-shine-bright/type/jsk/item/143/
(The hello lace info is for an earlier version but the only difference is that the lace on the bodice where the ribbons are doesn't go as far down.)
Price:£75 which includes P&P within the UK.

Hello I have this NWT Innocent World blouse, it has never been worn or tried on.

Torchon Lace Plain Round Collar Blouse
Colour: Off-white (Beige)
Features: Detachable waist ties
60% Cotton, 40% Polyester/Broadcloth
It is made from a type of broadcloth that is quite wrinkle resistant.
Size: M (Shoulder width 34cm, Sleeve length 18cm, sleeve opening 21cm.
Bust 94cm, Waist 73cm, Length 52cm-includes 3cm frill)
Measurements are from the lolilibrary.org.
Price: £99 (+P&P)
P&P within the UK is £1.20.
(It's original price was 13,440円)



Current Location: UK
rokusabarou: saya sleeprokusabarou on November 1st, 2011 07:56 pm (UTC)
Are you interested in trading for anything here?
collapsing_cakecollapsing_cake on November 1st, 2011 08:07 pm (UTC)
Hello !
I am interested in the AP JSK.
rokusabarou: saya sleeprokusabarou on November 3rd, 2011 07:49 pm (UTC)
Would you accept a partial trade (money + item), your blouse for my dress?
How much would shipping be, for the blouse, to the US?
collapsing_cakecollapsing_cake on November 3rd, 2011 07:59 pm (UTC)
with tracking it is £13. Though I'm not sure if I can as I just found another dress so I don't think I will have enough money sorry :(
But thankyou for your offer.
rokusabarou: saya sleeprokusabarou on November 4th, 2011 07:14 am (UTC)
No problem~
Thank you for letting me know!