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DS/DT: closet cleaning O.o

* my feedback can be found on egl fb and on my journal
* location: Toronto
* I take direct paypal or email transfer only (aka no echecks)
*prices in CAD
*prices  do not include shipping unless stated
*paypal fees 4.5% or canada 3.5%
*all items are cleaned before shipment unless new
*serious buyers only, if you waste my time i will no longer sell to you
* i have a cat, and a dog, neither wear the clothing but be warned!
*i will do hold and payment plans with a minimum of 20% down (after 3 days of sale post up)
*priority ranks - pay first and then north American buyers 
*put your paypal down if you want it, if it's just a question i will not count you in rank of order
*i prefer to ship with tracking, but i can offer other methods at ur own risk.

EVERYTHING IS OBO ~ please note i can choose to wait 24 hours to accept an offer below my price

u know the usual..

please note shipping included is cheapest shipping and doesn't contain tracking if you wish for tracking please ask for a quote! shipping can be combined for more then 1 item ^_^

Candy Treat Headbow - Lavender
Price: 40 shipped OBO (3 dollars more outside canada/usa)
trade: i will trade for a black coloured AP headbow (bonus if it's SNT or Fruits Parlor)
Info: I originally bought it because i thought i was going to buy candy treat but i no longer have the intent to, condition is perfect no flaws i can see.

tag picture

MMM chocker
Price: 45 shipped OBO (2 dollars more outside canada/usa)
trade: no thank you
Info: I bought it and never used it -_- flawless no issues as far as i can see ^_^

close up on lace, tag photo

Pinkage - clip in bangs
Price: 20 shipped OBO (5 dollars more outside canada/usa)
trade: no thank you
Info: i have no clue what colour this is.. lol all i know is it doesn't match my hair colour i normally order redbrown but it didn't come that way.. i have a feeling it's brown or the "blonde" they have but i can't promise the colour.. if it looks your colour go for it i took photos best i could to give you the full idea of the colour, pinkage its self is an awesome company quality wise but i couldn't get a hold on them to make an exchange so i'm selling it here.

full with flash, full without flash, Close with flash, close without flash, pinkage colour chart

AP HK laforet special necklace - black and pink
Price: SOLD

close up, very close up, back

Gothic and Lolita Psycho
Price: 25 shipped  (5 dollars more outside canada/usa)
trade: no thank you
Info: movie about lolita's? lol okie a crazy loli haha , no flaws, legit copy. comes in japanese with english subtitles, sorry i dont think there are others.


thank you for looking! 

Tags: collectibles, fashion: cosplay, fashion: egl, fashion: general, movies
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