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Selling: Rilakkuma, Mameshiba, Hello Kitty, J-rock


Selling some trinkets from my time in Japan + a couple other things, including:

-Rilakkuma strap
-Mameshiba strap
-Hello Kitty strap
-Cake straps
-J-rock fliers (Monolith, Tuxedo Production)
-J-rock magazine (ft. Kiyoharu and Lynch.)
-An Cafe pins

Please Read This First!

★Paypal only!
★Prices include paypal fees, but not shipping - ask for total cost (please include country)
★I will give discounts for buying multiple items - please ask!
★I am not responsible for lost mail - please purchase tracking if you're worried about that
★Priority goes to whoever posts paypal first and can pay right away
★I am willing to consider reasonable offers
★I am not accepting trades at this time
★Feedback can be found at my journal here and at eglfeedback here
★Please ask if you have any questions!

Rilakkuma Squishy Strap

From a gachapon machine in Shinjuku
Very squishy!


Mameshiba "kuroshiba" Strap

From a gachapon machine somewhere in Tokyo
Still in his packaging, complete with the little booklet :]


Hello Kitty in Kimono Strap

Features Hello Kitty in a lovely kimono
Straight from Japan!


Cake Straps

Have screen cleaners on the bottom!

$2 each or FREE with $10+ purchase

J-rock Fliers

I think these were from Like an Edison in Harajuku
One is from Tuxedo Production, the other is Monolith - talks about their upcoming releases/tours

$3 each

Zy Magazine

One side features Kiyoharu, other side features lynch.
Only other things in the magazine are a couple of ads
Think I got this one from Like an Edison as well


An Cafe Pins

Bought at Fanime 2008 when An Cafe came
Never taken out of the package, except for one, which was lost :'c
Features all 5 members

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