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Collection downsizing: Lolita/Gyaru fashion,Togainu/Hakuouki, J-Rock/Pop, Dorama, Figs & much more

*** I'm letting go on most of my collection now. You will find a lot of rarities on:

- Togainu no Chi "Akira" 1/10-figure
- BL/Yaoi/Otome manga, figures & merchandise, especially Togainu no chi, Lamento, Sweet Pool, Hakuouki, Uragiri...
- Lolita, Punk & Gyaru brand fashion, such as h.Naoto, Putumayo, Btssb, Liz Lisa, TRALALA, Rose Fan Fan & many more
- Loads of J-Rock related items, such as CDS/DVDS, Gackt tour goods and many more
- Game related items, especially Final Fantasy figs & artbooks & other RPG merchandise
- Japanese fashion mags & Lolita/Gyaru/Punk fashion items + accessories
- Rare Hello Kitty & SANRIO stuff ***

(!) pls feel free to make an offer --> Looking for D'espairs Ray stuff & Uragiri merchandise, so I'm open for (partial) trades as well
(!) Located in Germany, but will ship worldwide, Paypal account available
(!) Please click the pictures to get a larger image ^^
(!) I will include a small gift with every purchase ^.^v

*** Togainu no Chi/Sweet Pool/Lamento/Nitro+ stuff & Shonen-Ai/Yaoi & Otome stuff ***

Togainu no Chi "Akira" (casual version) 1/10 - Kotobukiya, comes incl. Drama CD + Box, very good condition

1. Hakuouki Shinsengumi Mini Shitajiki
2. Hakuouki Shinsengumi Calendar
3. Hakuouki Shinsengumi board game incl. gaming figs
4. Junjyou Romantica keychain
5. Junjyou Romantica Vol. 9, japanese Edition

A 4 sized Clearfiles, all brand new & still sealed:
1. Hakuouki Shinsengumi
2. Otomate Beast Master
3. Lucky Dog
4. Otomate Kannuchi

All items are brand new:
1. Otomate SYK mousepad
2. Hakuouki Letter Sets A and B
3. Otomate Hiro no Kakera memo pad

All items are brand new:
1. Finder no Shinjitsu mouse pad
2. Finder no Shinjitsu memo sheets (15)
3. Our kingdom (Bokurano Oukoku) medium clearfile (A 5)
4. Lollipop Dragoon clearfile
5. Necratoholic Shitajiki

AD Angel's Doubt & Grace Door memo pads, both new

Maoh in Wonderland Asuka Drama CD + Junjou Romantica ball pen, both new

Rare Mamiya Oki Wallcalendar, excellent condition

Shonen-Ai/Yaoi random lot: Contains tons of postcards, bromides, calendar sheets, mangas, mini clearfiles, buttons, flyers, posters...etc.

*** Hello Kitty, Sanrio&Co items + Collectibles ***

Rare Hello Kitty x h.Naoto limited Edt. plush, 1st collab works, new w/ tags

h.Naoto x Hello Kitty 1st collab towel/washcloth, new & still in foil

Sanrio Hello Kitty x Shokotan (Shoko Nakagawa) limited Edt. phonestrap, new

Hello Kitty traditional fabric shopping bag, easily fits A 4 size, contains some extra pockets

Louis Vuitton shopping guide Tokyo 2009 including exclusive art by Leiji Matsumoto, the book comes in special gift wrapping including a leathered ribbon, the original in invoice from the Champs-Élysées store and an additional LV shopping bag

rare Hello Kitty pouch (also perfect for keeping supersized sunglasses safe^^)

*** Dolls, Figurines & Plush figures ***

Umineko no Naku Koro ni - Ushiromiya Maria - Deformation Maniac Figure, new, still sealed in her box

Badz Maru plush with removable trechcoat, $ 10

cute, handmade HYDE plush, $ 7

*** ANIME & MANGA & related Books ***

Matsuri Hino "Vampire Knight" Artbook, Hardcover (!), VIZ Comics USA

Tohru Adumi "KIRSCHE" Artbook incl. exclusive postcard Sold & CLAMP Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles "ALBuM De REProDUCTioNS incl. brand new exclusive clearfile

Final Fantasy VII, XIII, Versus, Advent Children complete "CLOUD" Special visual Artbook, 122 full-coloured pages incl. brand new DVD

GACKT YFC Tour 2011 Tourbook

Hyde "Last Supper" Hardcover photobook, Kagen no Tsuki Tradingcards & Blue Spring DVD (Japanese w/ English subtitles)

Death Note - The Last Name Official Movie Guide II, new & unused

English Manga:
Mihara Mitsukazu "The Embalmer" Vol. 2-4
Mihara Mitsukazu "R.I.P. Requiem in Phonybrian" one-shot
Uragiri - Betrayal knows my name - combined release of Vol 1 & Vol 2 in one book
Goong Vol. 1-3 and 5-7

- Uragiri Betrayal (Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru) Vol. 2 & Vol. 3

Japanese Manga
- Nanaji Nagamu "Koibana!" Vol. 2

STAR OCEAN EX Anime TV Series Part II, 3-Disc Boxset containing episodes 13-26, English language dialogue available, $ 10

Mirage of Blaze - Vol. 1-4 incl. Box (complete Anime TV series), excellent condition! $ 35

Texhnolyze DVDs Vol. 4 & 6, UK release, RC 2, English language dialogue, Japanese language dialogue with English subtitles are optional // $ 5 each
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

*** DORAMAs (jap./korean) ***
1. Dream High, 4-Disc Set, 16 Episodes
2. Jungle Fish 2, still sealed, complete series
3. Coffee Prince, still sealed, complete series
4. Master of Study, still sealed, complete series

*** Lolita, Punk & Gyaru (brand) Fashion ***

cute h.Naoto Hangry & Angry soft pouch w/ zipper, perfect for keeping your mobile, jewellery or make-up safe

h.Naoto SIXH supersize bag, perfect for school, university or weekend travels, loved to use it a couple of times, but it's still in very good condition

OZZ Oneste long dress, free-size, fits best for regular size S/M

Hellcat Punks 2-piece dress, skirt and cutsew can be worn separately as well, fits best for regular size S

Bodyline cube bag, bought second hand, but it seems that it hasn't been used at all, cause it's still filled with the storage paper, closes with zipper, quite roomy inside (contains another zip pocket inside)

Black Peace Now cutsew, perfect for wearing underneath some sheer blouses or JSKs, free-size, wouldn't recommend it for larger breasts though (appr. max. 95 cm circumference)

Milk velvet light pink x leo print flower headband, comes incl. matching box, excellent condition

Miho Matsuda laced choker w/ cross pendant, excellent condition

BPN light jacket, new & still w/ tags, size M, orignally retailing for $ 139, will sell for $ 40

BPN flared pants, new & still w/ tags, size M, orignally retailing for $ 139, will sell for $ 40 --> or very happily trade for a size L (!) *-*

Worn picture of the coordinates:

Rare Kikou (h.Naoto sister-brand, like Gouk) shoulder bag, beautiful flower pattern, excellent condition, closes with zipper

GOUK (h.Naoto/s-inc) waist or hip belt, free-size, excellent condition

Jane Marple Dans le Salon exclusive postcardset incl. wooden photoframe, contains 8 postcards in total, new & unused, 2 available

cute knit Tote Bag by Jane Marple, closes with zipper

Liz Lisa Döll large schoolbag, rarely used, excellent condition

Cecil McBee large shopping bag, easily fits A 4 size and folders

DAZZLIN large pastel-striped shopping bag, laminated, closes with button, easily fits A 4 size and folders, rarely used/excellent condition

Linosug offshoulder sweater, size M, new w/ tags and sooo comfy

Linosug light-blue/light-grey jacket, size M (but fits best for regular size S or XS), new w/ tags

Linosug waist-belt, new w/ tags, free-size (contains rubber band)

Linosug leggings, dark grey, new w/out tags, size M/L

Love Bunny supersize shopping bag, closes with zipper, has been used heavily but is still in a good condition, might need some washing

TRALALA Longsleeve, used but still in good condition

Liz Lisa handbag, excellent condition

Liz Lisa Doll large boston bag, perfect for everyday use or just storing you beloved gyaru items, used only for storing my items so it's in excellent condition, comes including shoulder strap

Liz Lisa Döll striped hoodie, shows some pilling in the darker parts and some clear signs of wear, unfortunetely already received it like that from another user ;__;, but overall condition is still good and it's still comfy to wear

Cecil McBee wallet, excellent condition

Ageha Shibuya longsleeve ribboned sweater dress, new & unworn, free-size

Ageha Shibuya long ribboned sweater, the ribbons are on the back, new & unworn, free-size

Ageja dress, rarely worn, free-size, but fits best for regular size S or M

brand new Rose Fan Fan Biker jacket, faux leather

L'est Rose dress, size S/M, very flexible, rarely worn

Candy Sugar Japanese School bag, rarely used

Artherapie bag, fits A 4 size exactly, excellent condition

Ageha Shibuya sparkling tartan dress, free-size, fits best up to EU size S, new & unworn

GLAY Global Communication Boston bag, new & unused

*** Magazines ***

- Seventeen Nov. 2011
- Cutie Nov. 2011

- S-Cawaii 11/2011
- Sweet 11/2011 come incl. DKNY Tote bag + pouch

- Mori Girl Lesson 4 incl. Cuccia tote bag
- Ray 10/2011 incl Noela bag

Gelato Piquet e-mook 2010/2011 winter collection incl. tote bag
Jill Stuart e-mook, w/out furoku item

SWEET Magazine August & September 2011

HBG We love Cameron winter 2010 mook incl. waterproof shopping bag + bear pendant, new

All come w/out the furoku items:

- SWAK (Sealed with a kiss) Winter 2009
- SWEET 3/2010

*** J-Rock/J-Pop/Visual Kei CDs, DVDs & related Merchandise ***

- Versailles "Philia"

- SID Single/EP "Hosoi Koe" limited Edt. Type A - CD + DVD
- SID Single/EP "Mitsuyubi"
- SID Single/EP "Sweet?" limited Edt. CD+DVD
- SID Single/EP "Natsukoi" limited Edt. CD+DVD
- SID Single/EP "Chapter 1" limited Edt. Type B

- Gackt YFC 1. Single limited Edt. CD + DVD "The end of the day"
- Gackt Yellow Fried Chickenz Tour 2010 DVD
- Gackt Greatest Filmography Red & Blue Edition DVDs (Taiwan Version)

- Luna Sea Album "Shine"

- Penicillin Album "Will" limited Edt. type B (2CD)

- MUCC "Falling down" limited Edt. Single incl. bottle, still sealed!

- L'Arc-en-Ciel "A piece of reincarnation" DVD
- L'Arc-en-Ciel neueste Single "Good luck my way" lmtd. first press Edt CD+DVD
- L'Arc-en-Ciel Single "Nexus 4/shine"

- Abingdon Boys School "Abingdon Road" CD + DVD 1st press limited Edt.

- 12012 Singles/EPs "Deep" und "Pistol"

- Kuroyume allererstes Indies Mini-Album "Chuuzetsu" - ultra rar
- Kuroyume "End of Corkscrew a Go Go" Doppel-Abum (2 CDs)
- Kuroyume Comeback single "Misery" 1st press limited Edt. CD+DVD
- Kuroyume Tribute Album "Fuck the Border Line" (incl. Bands wie abingdon boys school,
Plastic Tree, Gazette, Cascade, SID & many more)

- SADS Singles (Strawberry, Tokyo, Bokuyaku no sora)
- SADS Album "Babylon"
SADS "Conclusion of my Babylon" Tour DVD (Taiwan Version)
- Kiyoharu "Kagefumi" Doppel-DVD (HK Version)

- Do as Infinity Need Your love Album CD

- Daigo Stardust Album "The Space Toy"
- Daigo Stardust Space TV Show (DVD)

- Tomohisa Yamashita "Daite Senorita"
- Tomohisa Yamashita phonestrap/keychain...diverse Bilder

Merchandise, Tourbooks, Sonstiges:
- GACKT YFC Tour 2010 fan
- Gackt YFC Tour 2011 Tourbook
- Leehom Wang "Music Man" World Tour 2008 2-DVD-Set incl. concert goodie
- Hana yori dango (Boys over flowers) OST Part 2 Korean Edt. incl. photobooklet & big size postcards
- Jay Chou Plush Doll Keychain
- Jay Chou Incomparable Live 2004 CD/VCD Boxset (2 Cds, 1 VCD) + ultra large poster + 2 big-size photo cards + booklet

J-Rock/Visual Kei Mags, excellent condition (the CURE Mag is sold)

*** Games & Merchandise ***

PS 2 GROWLANSER GENERATIONS, 2 Disc Edition, mint condition

Samurai Deeper Kyo Anime TV series, whole series on 6 DVDs + SDK Game for GBA/Nintendo DS), original limited Edt. Boxset, US-Version, used but in excellent condition, $ 30

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