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Great stocking stuffers and Christmas gifts! Gloomy Bear, Rilakkuma, Domo, Purses, Plushies, Keychains, Korean Stationary Items, Japanese Street Fashion, and more! Lots of rare/unique items only available overseas.

Payment: Paypal only
Shipping from Wisconsin - shipping prices NOT included
Items come from a clean, smoke-free home (I do own cats)
All sales final
Feedback here.

Domo Plush with FREE Domo Unplugged Book: $11
For sale is a super cute 6.5" tall Domo plush. This little guy has had his tags removed, but was only ever (briefly) displayed in a bedroom. He has never been played with, taken outside, etc. Domo comes with a free book called Domo Unplugged that has lots of funny, cute Domo facts.

Rilakkuma Face Handbag: $40
For sale is a brand new, never used, with tags Rilakkuma face handbag purchased from Yahoo Japan Auctions. This is a rare prize only item. Rilakkuma measures roughly 8.5-9" wide by 6-6.5" long, not including his ears or strap. The strap is faux leather, and he has one main compartment that is big enough to fit a small cellphone, money (perhaps even a small change purse), and a few other small items. Rilakkuma's fur is super soft and velvety, and he still has both of his tags!

Funny Engrish Bear Purse: $19
For sale is an amusing bag I purchased at an upscale mall in Beijing. It’s meant to say “Time Flies So Fast in Busy Daily Life,” but the “Flies” was turned into “Files!” This purse will make you smile every time you see it. It’s quite large (13.5-14” long and 15” wide) , and features a 3D plush bear face on it. The inside is lined and has a zip pocket. The strap length is adjustable. Brand new, never used, tags removed.

Mori Girl Bear Purse: $19
For sale is a brand new, never used, tags removed bear face purse purchased at a mall in Beijing. It is a flat bag that measures roughly 10" wide by 9" long, not including the ears or strap. The cord strap is not adjustable. There is one main zipper compartment on the back that is roughly 8" long by 7" deep. It is large enough to fit a small cellphone, money (or even a small wallet/coin purse), and numerous other small items like makeup, a mirror, etc. The bear also has a 3D snout and button eyes, in addition to slots on either side of his face that you can put your hands inside of on a cold day. Super cute and unique!

Metoo Giant Bunny Bag: $25
For sale is a bunny bag from the brand Metoo. It is brand new, with tags, and measures a whopping 17" tall (not including ears) by 14" at its widest point. It has an adjustable strap and one main zipper compartment in the head that can fit a LOT of stuff, including a wallet, cell phone, makeup, with probably enough room to spare for a small bottle of water!

Dog and Bunny Happy Day Purse: $20
For sale is a brand new, never used, tags removed purse purchased at an upscale mall in Beijing. It features a 3D fuzzy dog and bunny, with the text "ahappy day." It's a nice sturdy bag with a corduroy type feel to it. It measures roughly 16" wide by 14" tall, not including the shoulder straps. The zipper also has a cute dog face, and the inside of the purse, which has a zipper pocket and a pouch for a cellphone, features a cute dog print.

Bear and Apple Tree Purse: $25
For sale is a SUPER cute brand new, never used, tags removed purse featuring a fuzzy pink 3D bear and an apple tree. This purse is quite large and measures roughly 17.5" wide by 12.5" tall. There are two pouches inside the purse for a cell phone and any other small items. This was also purchased at a rather pricy mall in Beijing.

Korean Stationary Set: $16
For sale is a set of 4 new, never used Korean stationary items. The first item is a metal tube for pencils or pens, but it could also be used as a unique flower vase! It is a little over 7" tall and features a girl holding a flower, and the text "Smile, always a smile on your face, I wish you happy forever." This tube does have a small little dent in it (see here), but is brand new, never used. The second item is a case for pencils, erasers, pocket change, whatever you'd like! It measures almost 7.5" tall by a little over 2.5" wide, and features a smiling girl with a big teddy bear and the text "For your love, what is love?" It snaps shut very securely. The third item is a tiny notebook measuring roughly 4" tall by 3" wide. It features cute, sparkly pastel sugar candy on the front as well as some Korean and Chinese writing. The cover can actually be removed and placed onto another small book once you've filled this one. Inside there is a spot for the day of the week, the date, and lines for writing. The fourth item is a keychain card holder that says "Old Time" on one side and "Wishing you happiness today, tomorrow, and always" plus "Especially for you, the best and most beautiful things in world can not be seen of even thouched, they must be felt with the heart." Cute engrish with some silly spelling mistakes! :)

Various Pouches: EACH costs $8.99

For sale are three different brand new, tags removed pouches. The first is a pink bunny face with little ears! It is very soft and measures roughly 7-7.5" long by 5" tall, not including the ears.

The second is a cute little pouch featuring a cat sitting outside with the text "I'm not saying it's bad, it just seems terribly sad" on both the front and the back. There are also cute buttons and a ribbon on this pouch. The inside has a crinkly feel as the fabric is like the kind inside of a lunch box. It measures a little over 7.5" long by a little over 5" tall.

The third is a large pouch featuring two kittens and a print of clouds, rainbows, stars, fish, milk bottles, etc. The fabric has a crinkly, waterproof type feel to it - it is not plush fabric. It measures almost 13.5" wide by 9.5" tall. Great for art supplies!

Kitty Cell Phone Neck Strap/Cellphone Charm: $9
For sale is a small cell phone/money pouch featuring a cute kitten with button eyes. The pouch measures roughly 5" tall by 3" wide. It features a neck strap with a teddy bear and bunny print so you can wear the pouch around your neck, keeping its contents secure. You can also remove the neck strap and attach the pouch to your purse or cellphone. The inside of the pouch also features two pockets, one on each side. Neck strap pouches are a great way to keep an eye on your money at crowded conventions or events! Brand new, never used, tags removed.

Fuzzy Bear Pouch: $10
For sale is a cute, super soft bear plush pouch. This pouch has no keychain attached, just a zipper compartment large enough to fit a few small items. The bear measures a little over 6" wide across the ears, 5" wide across the face, and 4.5" tall. Its fur is super soft and it features a cute pink heart nose. The back sports the word "blondy" in lavender font. Brand new, never used, tags removed.

Kawaii Keychain/Cellphone Strap Lot: $20
For sale is a lot of super cute keychains/cellphone straps. All are brand new, never used, tags removed. Note that the cellphone strap can generally be swapped for a chain depending on what you want to hang these on. Included are:

- A blushing bunny head strap
- A Metoo bunny wearing a green outfit with purple ribbon keychain
- A brown bunny cellphone charm with Meetoo strap
- A chubby bunny with button eyes strap
- A mysterious light blue animal with big button eyes, featuring a cellphone charm holder and strap
- A panda strap
- A cat face with pink button eyes strap
- A person in a blue and pink bunny costume keychain
- A squishy, smiling rice ball cellphone charm with strap

Rilakkuma Sailor Cellphone Strap: SOLD
For sale is a brand new, Rilakkuma sailor cellphone strap. He measures roughly 3" tall, not including the strap. Only released in Japan!

Mini Moko Moko Scrunchy Set: $20
For sale is a set of 11 suuuuper soft, mini moko moko scrunchies. These are the smaller style scrunchies - theoretically, you could wear them as rings instead of in your hair! I purchased these from Fancy Pocket Singapore a few years ago, but she seems to have stopped carrying them - they have been listed as out of stock for over a year. Colors included are: bright red, light baby pink, white x baby blue, blue x minty green, purple x lavender, pink x black, light grey, hot pink, baby blue, white, and neon yellow. I tried on a few of these when I originally got them, but never actually used them for more than the 2-3 minutes trying them on took. I will also include one free forest green moko moko scrunchie in a larger style that I bought off eBay, and an adorable wooden doll hair clip that I bought at a boutique in Beijing!

Bear Fingerless Gloves: $12
For sale is an adorable pair of fingerless bear gloves purchased at a mall in Beijing. These are brand new, never worn, tags removed. They measure roughly 7.5 inches long.

Maid Lolita Headband: $6
For sale is a handmade maid headband purchased at an upscale store in Beijing that sold items handmade by a variety of artists. This is NOT a mass-produced item. It is brand new, never worn, tags removed.

BTSSB Black x White JSK and AP Headbow Set: $92 shipped in the US
For sale is a BTSSB black x white JSK. This JSK has corset lacing in the front and a zipper (with hook) down the back - there is NO shirring, although the JSK straps are stretchy. I purchased this from another user years ago who I believe wore it once or twice. I wore it once for half a day to a local event. It's in great condition - there is no ribbon fraying, yellowing lace, stains, tears, etc. It did have detachable waist ties once, but they were not included with the dress when I bought it (waist tie buttons - shaped like hearts - are still there). The only possible flaw I can find is the sides of the shoulder straps (and the edges of the dress around the arm area) look a tiny bit gray to me. See photo here and here.

Included is a matching black x white headbow from Angelic Pretty. Please note the headbow ribbon ties have been cut off - I wore this once, and wanted to slide the bow onto a headband rather than tie it.

The flat measurements are as follows:

Under-arms: roughly 16" wide
Waist: roughly 14.5" wide (right where waist tie buttons are)
Length (top of shoulder strap to bottom of dress): roughly 32.5-33"

I have a 33" bust and 28" waist, and there is room to spare both in the bust and waist. A different user selling this dress said the max bust is about 90cm and the max waist about 78cm (although a DIFFERENT user said the ideal waist for this JSK is 74cm).

Close up photos of dress here, here, here, and here. Worn photo (by a different user) here.

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