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Cyber Monday ONE DAY SALE! 20% OFF!

Gsj Sales Feedback!
Egl Comm Sales Feedback!

Original posts: here and here


Serious buyers ONLY!

Do you hold items? I do not hold items.

Do you do trades? Sorry. Not at this time.

What forms of payment do you accept? Paypal only! noir(dot)tenshi(at)gmail(dot)com

Do you accept payments other than paypal? Not at this time.

Do you accept layaway?
Only for totals over $100USD with a biweekly, 2 month payment plan. Items are shipped once the final payment is recieved and cleared into my account. A 25% non refundable deposit is required for layaway.

How much is domestic shipping?
EVERYTHING is sent out Priority Mail Flat Rate and with delivery confirmation. Any additional services, like tracking or Express Mail, shall be charged accordingly. I get all of my rates from the
usps.gov site.
$14.95 Large Flat Rate Box, $10.95 Medium Flat Rate Box, $5.20 Small Flat Rate Box.

How much is international shipping*?
Priority Flat Rate Box to Mexico & Canada: $35.50 Large$29.95 Medium$11.95 Small.
Priority international Flat Rate Box (Excluding Mexico and Canada) : $58.50 Large, $45.50 Medium, $13.95 Small.
*Orders over $75 USD get HALF PRICE International Flat Rate shipping.

Are discounts applied before or after shipping?
Discounts are applied BEFORE shipping costs are calculated.

When do you ship items?
I ship items ALTERNATING Thursdays and Fridays, weather/holidays permitting. Any changes in this schedule shall be communicated via e-mail.

How shall I contact you?
Please leave a comment on my post or send me a livejournal message. Please submit all questions pertaining the item you wished to purchase in the following format: "Subject: [ITEM NAME] J-sales"

Blasphemina's Closet Red & Black setBlasphemina's Closet Red and Black set
  • Offbrand Hair faschinator  NWOT!
  • Blasphemina's Closet OOAK Modified Tertia blouse: (fits a 36C) Worn once. Near mint condition
  • Red and black steel boned brocade corset: 22" corset. Worn 3 times. Good condition marked down Last markdown post for the corset can be seen HERE!
  • Blasphemina's Closet Cotton Skirt (elastic shirring in waist & unlined) NWOT
  • Bodyline 27cm shoes Worn twice for photoshoots. Has a few scuffs but in good condition overall
  • $240 USD $192USD
Blasphemina's Closet Creamy White set
  • Offbrand vintage blouse with "pearl" buttons Paisley lace design on the fabric. not scratchy but some pilling under the arms and side. Good condition for a vintage piece
  • OOAK Blasphemina's Closet Cotton "corset" overskirt with white floral pattern (lacing not provided) NWOT
  • Basphemina's Closet Cotton skirt (elastic shirring in waist & unlined) NWOT
  • Perfect starter set for a Classical look!
  • $160 USD $128USD
 Aldo Round Toe boots
  • Mid calf height
  • EU size 40/ US 8 or 9
  • worn once for a photoshoot
  • near mint condition
  • $56 USD $48.80USD
  Commissioned AP Replica Skirt
  •  Maximum waist: 27in (it has elastic in the back but it is NOT stretchy)
  • purchsed from the egl sales comm February 2011 LINK TO SALE POST!
  • I am the third owner of this skirt and I have never worn it except to try it on once.
  • It arrived with a glaring defect which has been fixed by myself.  Before and after pics shall be furnished to the buyer
  • Commissioned by a user on the comm but I do not know who. The second owner failed to provide that information.
  • Due to having to repair this item myself, I have decided to sell it for the amount I purchased it for
  • $20 USD $16USD
Distressed Black ruffle blouseDistressed Black ruffle blousePre-owned distressed black ruffle top. Has rips and tears but it aids in the distressed look.
  • The distressed blouse is a EUR Small.
  • Length 26in
  • Bust 17in across
  • Sleeve length 24in
  • Waist 15.5in
  • **Please be aware that this is a well worn item, hence the distressed description. It looks best a bit wrinkled (think alice auaa style). 
  • $7.2 USD $5.76USD
  • Last markdown post for the blouse can be seen HERE!
Tags: fashion: egl
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