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Guitar Pick Necklaces & Uniqlo Singapore Shopping Service Test Run

Necklaces $14 each | Earrings $16 per pair
Shipping from Singapore
Custom requests available (but I do not design my own picks)

I do not sell the picks alone


All photos are watermarked, the white prints are not part of the actual product.
Dir en Grey, the GazettE, Luna Sea, X Japan, Alice Nine, SID, Steve Vai, LMC, L`Arc~en-ciel and more!

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Please comment to this post - not my personal journal.
I want to earn feedback on gsj >.<
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I live 20minutes away from one of the smaller outlets (the exact one in the photo too!) and an hour away from the larger ones.

UNIQLO Singapore

Their clothes are crazy comfortable, especially in hot weather.
Whenever I drop by they always have these series available:

(Men's Printed T-shirts) - they go by men's sizing but the designs are very unisexual imo.
One Piece

(Ladies' Printed T-shirts)
DC Characters (I'm wearing the batgirl one right now actually :3)
Mickey Mouse

Please inquire about another series.

1. All shipping fees are to be borne by the buyer.
2. Please pay in USD. Exchange rate - 1.3. Payment via paypal only
3. Service charge
If your item costs less than SG$40, I charge a fee of SG$1.90 per item
If your item costs more than SG$40, I charge a fee of SG$3.90 per item
+ flat travelling fee of SG$5.00 to be divided among all participants 
+ any applicable paypal fees. 
This test run caps at (8) items.
4. You need at least 5 positive feedback from egl or gsj within the past 6 months.
5. I will not ship without a tracking number unless you send all payments as gifts. 
One Ladies' XL UT shirt will cost US$7.30 shipped, inclusive of packaging material and tracking.
6. I ship out your items after you pay me in full. I need a deposit of USD$10.00 per item. This is non-refundable unless your item(s) is/are out of stock.
7. I am limiting the shopping trip to t-shirts, tank tops, and cutsews. No pants, jackets, skirts, bras, button shirts, stockings, belts, etc.
8. This is my first time running an SS for a physical store
9. I will make the trip on most likely, 10/11 December GMT +8:00. All payments must be made by 11:59pm 6 December GMT +8:00. If they're having Christmas sales the discounts will be passed on to participants.

Please reply to this post if you want to participate! Don't PM me the form. Reply here :)

Title: Order Form

Name/how to address you:
Link to GSJ or EGL feedback page:
Country that you want the purchases shipped to:
What you want to buy
(1) Name of shirt, doesn't have to be official name
Provide a link to what it looks like (does not have to be from uniqlo sg page)
Size: e.g. ladies XL
Colour if applicable
(2) and so on
If you are comfortable with writing your paypal address, write it here, otherwise you can PM it to me with title "paypal information (your lj id here)" 

Size chart can be found on the USA site.

All prices on their website are in Singaporean dollars.
Outlets may not carry items shown in the webpage. Shops may also carry stock that was never displayed on their site.
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