Kanra (roihoxai) wrote in garagesalejapan,

I have a TON of new stuff that I have to get rid of ASAP!

One being, the Tiger and Bunny bags I FINALLY got in stock!

Details after the cut! (Also more Tiger&Bunny, Ao no Exorcist, Hetalia, and.... a lot of other random things!)

Firstly, the bag auction!

Each auction starts at $53. You can increase the bid by $1 each time (or more, if you’d like). The first auction will run for one week and end on Friday, December 2 (Japan time) at 2pm.

http://roihoxai.livejournal.com/10448.html#cutid1 Here is the link!

You can bid by commenting on the threads I make for each bag.

Happy bidding!

Secondly, here is my full inventory posts!

http://roihoxai.livejournal.com/10062.html <---- Inventory

http://roihoxai.livejournal.com/9211.html <--- Posters post

http://roihoxai.livejournal.com/8111.html <--- Pokemon and Pokemon center items!!

You can comment here to buy if you'd like, but please include the number you're buying!

Tags: collectibles
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