Randi Padgett (gut_stains0) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Randi Padgett

Cleaning! CDs, Goods, Clothing, Games, Books, etc!

Just trying to make a little money! Have a look? :D
-I'll ship internationally, but it'll be a bit more. ^^"
-Only taking Paypal right now, sorry!
-Ships from Georgia, US
-No trades unless it's 2NE1/SNSD/4minute related :P
-I'm open to haggling!
-Any questions? Just ask 
Nightmare -  the World Ruler CD/Photobook Limited Edition - $18 shipped Perfect condition. Opened once to import CD to itunes. Kept in plastic wrapping ever since. Sorry about the glare!

Badtz Maru Small Backpack - $8 shipped Perfect condition, never worn.

Gravitation Yaoi Manga Vol. 1 - $5 shipped Perfect condition. Only read once.

Shinya & Kyo Posters - $13 each shipped Great condition, no holes. Tiny bit of tape/poster clay residue on back, nothing serious. I bought these off another LJ user a long time ago who got them from a live in Japan. I think these are pretty rare I haven't seen many since. Also note, these are HUGE actual poster-sized lol.

Kawaii Pink Small Purse/ Coin Purse - $10 shipped Perfect condition. Opened, never used. Comes with mini memo pad.

Siren PS2 Game - $10 shipped Great condition.

Jimi's Book of Japanese (Hiragana) - $8 shipped Perfect condition. Great book, really helped me when I first started learning Japanese. Very basic though and for beginners.

Huge lot of SHOXX and Cure magazine. Just ask and I'll let you know. Also have a couple 1999 issues of SHOXX and Vicious. I'll go very cheap, just want these off my hands.
Tags: fashion: general, idols: hello! project, magazines, manga: english, music: jpop, posters, video games
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