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wants: Asobi ja Nai no manga + [PRE-ODER]

I want to know if someone have this manga to sell as well I hope the shipping costs can be cheaper...please!!
I'm ok to pay 6€ for this manga with no shipping costs included!

Also please in case you have as well here is stuff I'm looking for:
Wants: Bon's doujinshi 
[LOOKING] Dear + 2001 issues 
[WANTS] Yaoi manga and Kara no Kyoukai novel
[WANT] Hummel Re-print Work - V1
WANTS - Yellow 2 - Episode 01
WANT TO BUY: Yellow omnibus V1 
Those that like Ao no exorcist and didn't get to have the
half age characters v01 here is the v02 pack!
I already order a pack for me and it comes with 8 figures each pack.
Rin in apron, Yukio with casual clothes as well Mephisto and Shura!
All these 4 have secret types like in the first volume!
The price of each is 3000Yen. Not including shipping costs to my house.
Trough it will be cheaper if I do get a lot of people requesting. I've a total
of 12 packs I can request to come to me. Attention shipping from me can be
cheap as well, since I can get it cheap, specially if you are in Europe!

See my SALES page! aquasales
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