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It's that time of year again!

Looking for some nifty gifts for your K-pop crazed friends? :) Christmas is just around the corner, so buy your things quick before its too late!

1. All items include shipping (ONLY FOR US SELLLERS, unless international would pay for extra shipping!)
2. All items are shipped from California, USA!
3. I ALWAYS ship out the day after I receive payment (unless sunday..cause post is closed! ^^)
4. I accept Paypal (prefered) and WELL CONCEALED CASH AT YOUR OWN RISK!
5. For Paypal: I will ask you to send payment as a GIFT so we both don't lose any money. If you don't send it as a gift and I END UP PAYING THE FEES, I will refund you and items will not be sent out!
6. If youd like more pictures, please ask!

Click on the item name to see the pictures!
1.Tiffany "The Boys" solo poster SOLD
2. Taemin phone strap 6 USD
3. Taemin Lucifer strap 3 USD (backside)
4. 2PM Again and Again strap (ALL 7 MEMBERS, RARE!) 7 USD
5. 2PM Again and Again strap 2 (ALL 7 MEMBERS, RARE!) 7 USD
6. Wonder Girls Nobody strap (ORIGINAL 5 MEMBERS, RARE!) 7 USD
7. Onew mousepad SOLD
8. Key Fanclub cheering towel SOLD
9. SHINEE WORLD noona wristband 5 USD (backside) the letters glow in the dark!
10. L.Joe Airport Fashion figurine neckalce 12 USD (backside)
11. Davy Jones figurine necklace 12 USD

CDs (they are all spanking NEW unless stated) [picture 1] [picture 2]
Beast Shock of The New Era SOLD
Beast Mastermind SOLD

Beast Lights Go on Again SOLD
Beast Fact or Fiction SOLD
2PM 1:59 PM SOLD
2PM Dont Stop Cant Stop 13 USD (condition: 9/10)
2PM Hands up SOLD
Jang Woohyuk I am the Future 12 USD (condition: 9/10)
Block B New Kids on the Block SOLD

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