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02 December 2011 @ 06:46 am
[Selling] CDS and Magazines  
Shipping from Montana, USA.
Prices include shipping and tracking numbers. 
Will ship internationally. (will only use priority mail internationally, as it has tracking. thanks)
If you're interested, pm me or leave a message here.
Combined Shipping for multiple items. Willing to take offers because I need to get this stuff sold!

TAKING OFFERS, I need to be out of here in a week and a half and need to sell this stuff. Please take a look, thank you!


LANDS (Jin Akanishi) - BANDAGE (both editions) & Olympos (First Press Limited). In good condition. (message me if you want to buy them separately).
$25 (in the states)/$35 (international).

Ayumi Hamasaki - GUILTY (Limited Edition, Hong Kong Version). Good Condition.
$13 (in the states)/$25 (international).

Ayumi Hamasaki - HEAVEN (Limited Edition). Good Condition.
$7 (in the states)/$19 (international).

Ayumi Hamasaki - talkin' 2 myself (regular edition). Good condition, but has marker on the top of the cd itself.
$7 (in the states)/$19 (international).

Kanjani8 - Naniwa Iroha Bushi. Good Condition.
$13 (in the states)/$25 (international).

Kanjani8 - Musekinin Hero (limited edition). Good Condition.
$13 (in the states)/$25 (international).

Tegomass - Tegomass no Uta (limited edition, Hong Kong Edition). Good Condition.
$13 (in the states)/$25 (international).

Alice Nine - Stargazer. (regular edition). Like New.
$13 (in the states)/$25 (international).

Duel Jewel - Lapidary (out of print). Fair Condition. some scratches.
$15 (in the states)/$26 (international).


Potato Feb 2010, poster is not included. Good Condition.
$10 (in the states)/$20 (international).