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Hello, I'm looking to sell my collection of (in some cases extremely) rare PS2 & PSX games as well as assortment of hard-to-find game-related merchandise (books, CDs, etc). I'm parting with some of my favorites in order to scrunge up a little extra XMAS cash to buy gifts for family & friends, so if you feel like giving me a hand, by all means! :)


I'm a long-time seller here on LJ and elsewhere: please see my extensive feedback history here.
Feel free to either leave a comment here or email me at time.etranger at

(this is very rough rundown; feel free to inquire for more detailed info/more pics)
Great = Like or almost like new.
Good = Has the basic wear you would expect of a normal used item, but it overall in good condition.
Fair = More evident wear or damage. Guaranteed to still be playable/readable/etc, but might not be the best choice for a collector.

(JP) indicates the title is the original Japanese version (and probably requires a JP/modified system to play).

NEW!! Katamari Damacy - In Good Condition, $10
Descrip: I know you love me, I want to wad you up into my life... lets roll up to be a single star in the sky!
Back Cover, Inside Case

Psychonauts - In Great Condition, $20
Descrip: Psychic powers! Secret agents! A circus made of meat! Must I say more? Well fine, I will! Chock full of hilarious character, fully voiced dialogue, wacky graphics and fun gameplay, this is one of my favorites, and really rare to boot!
Back Cover, Inside Case

NEW!! Rule of Rose - In Good Condition, $40
Descrip: Grotesque, beautiful, heart-wrenching. One of my favorite pieces of fiction, never mind a game. Tears me up inside to sell it, but I recommend it so strongly, especially if you're a girl gamer. Also, super rare!
Back Cover, Inside Case

NEW!! Shadow of the Colossus (PS2) - In Good Condition (some wear on the case, small rip on back cover, disc lightly scuffed), $15
Descrip: Spiritual successor to the classic ICO! Battle mysterious giants on the back of your trusty horse in order to revive the soul your one true love.
Back Cover, Inside Case,

Kaeru no Ehon (PSX) (JP) - In Good Condition (disc/manual only), $4
Descrip: Hidden gem of game by Vector, released only in Japan! Play as a hero who'd been mysteriously transformed into a frog; a wizard changes you back, but if you prove unable to regain your lost memories within a year you'll once again lose your human shape. In the meantime, you must build your stats, develop relationships and go on quests that will lead you on one of the game's three unique story branches. Features character designs by Takada Akemi (Kimagure Orange Road, Creamy Mami, Ranma 1/2). WILL PLAY ON JAPANESE OR MODIFIED SYSTEMS ONLY!
Inside Case, Manual 1, Manual 2

NEW! MOON: REMIX RPG ADVENTURE (PSX) (JP) - In Good Condition, $50
Descrip: It hurts me to part with this... it's probably my very favorite game (as well as the rarest in my collection; I paid double the price for this back in Japan). But, well... let's just say I've opened the "Door of Light" (if you play, you'll understand). Revolutionary, one of a kind title. WILL PLAY ON JAPANESE OR MODIFIED SYSTEMS ONLY!
Back Cover, Inside Case

Popolocrois Monogatari (PSX) (JP) - In Good Condition (disc&manual only), $6
Descrip: The original classic! Join Prince Pietro, Forest Witch Narcia, spunky Kai, the brave White Knight and the evil but ultimately good-natured Gamigami Maou on a quest to save the world in this charming old school RPG. WILL ONLY PLAY ON JAPANESE OR MODIFIED SYSTEMS!
Inside Case, Stickers

Poporogue (PSX) (JP) - In Good Condition (disc&manual only), $6
Descrip: Sequel to the above, with Prince Pietro now on a quest to save his father from a dream-eating demon. Departs from the traditional RPG formula by implementing dungeon hack gameplay, but retains the heart-warming Popolo feel. This was the game excluded from the English PSP release! WILL ONLY PLAY ON JAPANESE OR MODIFIED SYSTEMS!
Inside Case

NEW!! Popolocrois Monogatari 2 (PSX) (JP) - In Good Condition (discs only, manual only), $8
Description: The last installment of Popolocrois on the PSX, and end of Prince Pietro's story. Considered to be the best of the trilogy and one of the best 2D RPGs on the Playstation, enjoy full voice acting (rare back in 2000!), gorgeous animated cutscenes, lovingly crafted graphics and locales, delightful characters and touching story. One of my top 10 favorite games. WILL PLAY ON JAPANESE OR MODIFIED SYSTEMS ONLY!
Inside Case

Princess Maker: Pocket ni Daisakusen (PSX) (JP) - In Great Condition, $10
Descrip: Really rare puzzle gaming spin-off to the main Princess Maker series. Play as either Maria (PM1), Olive (PM2), or Lisa (PM3) to challenge to denizens of the Princess Maker world to puzzle gaming battles not dissimilar to Super Puzzle Fighter! Fully voiced, and jam packed with brand new high quality CG and illustrations. WILL ONLY PLAY ON JAPANESE OR MODIFIED SYSTEMS!
Back Cover, Inside Case 1, Inside Case 2

NEW!! Rival Schools: Nekketsu Seishun Nikki 2 (PSX) (JP) - In Good Condition (disc/manual only), $8
Descrip: Updated version of the original Rival Schools, featuring two brand new characters, swimmer Nagare and reporter Ran. The biggest appeal of this release though is the expanded dating simulator/character creator, Nekketsu Seishun Nikki (Hot-blooded Youth Diary)! Spend a school year making friends (or even cultivating a romance) and upping your stats to make a unique edit character that you can use to play in the actual game! WILL PLAY ON JAPANESE OR MODIFIED SYSTEMS ONLY!
Inside Case

DQIII Doujinshi: Hacchi Pocchi de Aishiatteru Kai!? (JP) - In Good Condition, $5
Descrip: A rare doujinshi for a rare coupling from a rare video game! Features several stories from two different artists featuring Female Hero x Male Sage. 52 whopping pages (that's a lot for a doujin)!
Back Cover, Sample 1, Sample 2
Princess Maker 3 Artbook (JP) - In Good Condition, $12
Descrip: Large, gorgeous full-color artbook full of Takami Akai's work for Princess Maker 3. Includes the daughter's in-game portraits and moods at all ages, various promotional illustrations, all the ending paintings and much more. Comes with pull-out poster (which has already been pulled out, but never hung up)!
Sample 1, Sample 2, Sample 3
Princess Maker: Another World Guidebook (JP) - In Fair Condition (rip on front dust cover), $4
Descrip: Rare guidebook for the overlooked SNES edition of Princess Maker, featuring exclusive artwork by series artist Takami Akai as well as screencaps, and ending guide, "What kind of Father are you?" quiz and much more.
Sample 1, Sample 2

Descrip: Features the opening and ending theme (+ karaoke versions) of the game Princess Maker 4, performed by Shimotsuki Haruka. A must for PM and Shimotsuki Haruka fans alike! 4 tracks.
Time&Space: Tribute to Yasunori Mitsuda - In Good Condition (disc&booklet only), $5
Descrip: Excellent tribute album to Yasunori Mitsuda by OneUp Studios, remixing his best work from Chrono Trigger/Cross (Time) and Xenogears (Space). 20 tracks.
Yojinbo ZAN ROCKS - In Good Condition (disc&booklet only), $6
Descrip: Rare soundtrack including all vocal songs from the PC/PS2 dating simulator/visual novel Yo-Jin-Bo. This includes the three special tracks from the PS2 remake. Includes the vocal talents of Taniyama Kishow, Masakazu Morita, Mitsuaki Madono, Hiroki Takahashi and more! 18 tracks.

Uniqlo Objection!! T-shirt - In Good Condition (worn just once), $12
Descrip: Officially certified by Capcom, this specially made Uniqlo shirt features the classic "OBJECTION!!" speech bubble for Phoenix Wright on the front. The X-Ray Glasses-esque 3D styling of the "OBJECTION!!" is pretty eye-catching! Men's Size XS (Woman's Size M). The rims on the collar and sleeves are a dark purple.
Detail, Tag

Thanks for looking! ^o^
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