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Mod Post: GSJ Cafe Update

Hello angels,

It looks like LJ has made a decision to remove the subject portion of comments. As such, you can no longer put 'positive, neutral, or negative' in the subject section when leaving feedback over at gsj_feedbacks.

Thus, the format to leave a feedback has been altered slightly:
--- Begin feedback code ---
<strong>Feedback:</strong> Positive/Neutral/Negative (Choose one)

<strong>You are leaving feedback as:</strong> Buyer/Seller/Trader (Choose one)
<strong>Overall Satisfaction:</strong> 10/10 - Description of transaction**.
**This is required; let others know how the transaction went!

--- End feedback code ---

Basically, the subject portion has been moved to the comment portion. This new format has been updated over at the feedback instructions post. Hopefully this is only temporary and LJ decides to bring back the subject portion of the comments.

If there are any questions, please drop us a comment below. 
Tags: !modpost

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