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Selling: ARPAKASSO ITEMS! Limited stock!

ArPakasso Items

Quick View
- Phone plush cases
- Card plush cases
- Giant 45cm ArPakasso plush
- Small 13cm ArPakasso plush

Highly popular ArPakasso/Alpaca toys!
Get them now while they're here, because these are my last stock! And I do not plan on getting any more in the naer future.

Once they're gone, they're gone :"(

& More under the cut!

Phone Pouches (Top row)

3x Pink
1x White
2x Beige

Card Cases (Bottom Row)

1x Yellow
1x White
1x Green
1x Purple
1x Pink

Neon/Play ArPakasso 45cm!

1x Pink $45
1x Blue $50
1x Green
1x Yellow

Holiday Baby!ArPakasso 35cm

1x Pink $40
1x White
1x Beige

Festical ArPakasso! 40cm
$45 Each

1x White (With light blue & black collar coat) [hold]
1x White (With dark blue & red collar coat)
1x White (With Mask)

New! Gorgeous ArPakasso 45cm
$55 Each

1x Purple [hold]
1x Green [hold]
1x White [hold]
1x Pink
1x Yellow

45cm Valentine's Day Plush (Limited Edition!)

1x Pink $45

1x White

Small 13cm ArPakasso
$16 Each

1x White

1x Pink

ArPakasso plush handbag!
2,700 yen

1x White
Last one left :c

Thank you for taking a look!

Please comment or pm me with the item you would like/want to preorder and your country (so I can give you a shipping quote)

or, please e-mail

*** Pre-orders will be done in two payments
1) Item price 
2) Shipping cost, from me to you (once they have arrived)

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