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DS/DT: TEMP leave'n Lolita , fully leaving OTT sweet lolita ~ Part 1!


* my feedback can be found on egl fb and on my journal *
* location: Vancouver (yaletown)*

* I take direct paypal or email transfer only (aka no echecks)*

*prices in USD

*Shipping is included (expedited for canada/usa, air mail worldwide)*
expedited 3-5 days with tracking and 100 insurance
air mail 1-2 weeks with 100 insurance

*if you want a different method it's at your cost*

*Paypal fees are included*

*serious buyers only, if you waste my time i will no longer sell to you

i will take offers and payment plans however i will not give discounts on payment plans. Payment plans must have minimum of 20% down. I prefer short the longest i will consider is a month. If you offer me an offer or a payment plan i may take 24-48 hours to accept it this being said once you make me an offer if you back out after i will leave you negative feedback. so please be serious!

*priority ranks*
1. pay first
 2. North American buyers 

*put your paypal down if you want it, if it's just a question i will not count you in rank of order
* i automatically mark values low and as a gift if you dont want this please let me know*

!EVERYTHING IS OBO ~ don't be afraid to make offers!
some items, are in perfect condition others aren't, items are marked for those reasons. I am completely honest about items and their conditions so please read it!

I do not want to split things up!

All purchases will come with gifts because i'm leaving OTT sweet and I have way too many tiny things to sell them all.  

yes! I am accepting trades (full or partial depending) but only of the following items, please read below ^_^

possibly other similar ap dresses or aqua princess in black only

*liz lisa items*
my favourites are here

*Listen flavor and Hell Cat Punks*
my favourites are here

Decoration Dream - set
includes op + headbow + socks

info: bought via ss in japan(for wayyy more then i'm selling it for), full back shirring. It has been worn twice, it currently has a little cat hair on it (i'll do my best to remove it all with a lint brush but allergies be warned!!) and i have no intent to take it to the dry cleaner as i don't know where it is here yet hence the super cheap price^^ socks are off brand and used but not really calculated in the price it's just a gift.  the coolest thing about this dress is everything is removable, the front pieces and the waist bow! fits up to 106-110cm bust

price: sold

dress ~ socks/ties ~ headbow

Jelly Jewelry Special set JSK 
includes jsk + socks

info: bought from a user on here,never worn by me, like new; full back shirring. has been dry cleaned. Can be worn as a halter or normal straps comes two two set of detachable ties. Again socks aren't really included in the price they are used and are an extra thing. fits up to 106-110cm bust and socks are from bodyline btw.


dress ~ ties and socks

Star Night Theatre set JSK 
includes jsk + socks

info: brand new without tags, this dress is my favourite dress of all. Yet I have never worn it. I love it so much I really am not big on budging on the price. I bought it from a user on here I don't think she wore it either. Includes a pair of alice and the pirates black logo socks (picture not shown but its not included in the price again it's a gift ^^ ) fits up to 100cm bust ^^

Classical Puppets Pink petticoat 

info: used quite a bit but in perfect condition. it's an amazing petticoat. I believe it's cupcake shaped.. i'm really not sure I never got the difference lol fits most sizes .. up to 95cm it can stretch to 100 but i wouldn't go that big 

price: 55 (includes shipping airmail only for this for everyone, canada regular post and pp fees)

waist line

Accessory Lot 1 

info: includes items handmade by me, kawaii goods, angelic pretty, handmade by users on here and more. does not include the ap necklace in the picture.  Hair clips, wrist cuffs, keychains, brooch/ two way clip, rings, earrings and more. fabric swatches/buttons (vanilla chan, melty chocolate, marchen ribbon)

price: sold

close up 1 ~ close up 2 ~ close up 3 ~ close up 4

thank you for looking! more items coming soon!!
Tags: fashion: cosplay, fashion: egl, fashion: general
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