takilajf (takilajf) wrote in garagesalejapan,

[WTB] Doujinshi: LOTR, Harry Potter, Sukisho, Loveless & Yaoi Stuff

    LOOKING FOR:    

- yaoi doujinshi: The Lord of The Rings (almost every pairings), Harry Potter (only if with Snape and/or Lucius), Sukisho, Loveless, Full Metal Alchemist.
Generally I don't collect fandoms that are most popular at this moment - so if you have something that is not on top now or originals, you can ask me too. 

- yaoi mangas, magazines, artbooks, others: almost everything, I just love to collect. 

It has to be in Japanese language, please don't offer me any other language. 

Very important: I am from Poland, that means that it would be the best if the seller is from Europe. I don't mind buying from every place on the world, but we all know how shipping cost looks like. :C 

Prices: here's tricky thing. Of course I will consider all offers, but I have to say that I rather like special offers. Because of my pretty low funds and kinda practical point of view XD It means I won't buy an artbook for 40$, but I may buy a bunch of books. 

Please contact me via e-mail: love.necoco@gmail.com
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