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BIG SALE: Lolita items, figures, furoku, clear files, postcards, cute things and more!

For more details on the items on sale go behind the cut!

Some basic rules, PLEASE READ!
1) Paypal only
2) US and Canada buyers only, sorry.
3) Tracking will be required for all figures. They will be shipped either First Class mail or Priority Mail. No exceptions.
4) Once that package leaves my hand, I am not responsible for it. Please make sure your address is correct. I will provide the tracking info when the figure mails.
5) Prices DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING (unless indicated)

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru (Betrayal Knows my Name) artbook "Phosphor". Outer box was opened. It includes the artbook in a decorative box, a cd drama and a set of cards with all the art in the book. It is hard to let it go but I can't keep it. ARTBOOK PRICE IS REDUCED $100 INCLUDING SHIPPING! (I am not willing to sell this artbook below $100 please don't ask)

Video games

Persona 3 for PSP: $20
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep (PSP) $20 (includes stickers)


Tiger and Bunny Blue Rose figure $7.00 plus shipping
Tiger and Bunny Rock Bison figure $7.00 plus shipping
Gundam Unicorn Mini head display base (From Gundam Ace magazine) $10.00

Drossel Fireball figma $25

Cute bags:
Fairy Tales lunch bag $12.00
Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse coin purse $7.00
Kitty bag $10.00
Badtzmaru wallet $7.00

Hetalia Movie posters $6.00 each (I have thre of these)

Post cards: $1.50 (I have 6)

Lolita Items

Flying Love Juliet earrings. Took the ribbons off but they can get put back and they are included
$20 plus shipping

Alice and the Pirates Time of the Roses Chou Chou. Brand new. Reduced price! $15 shipped

Chantilly tote bag, Kokusyoku Sumire. Never used. Took out of bag for pics $20 plus shipping.

Clear files

Bakemonogatori small clearlifes $4 each
Naruto clear file $5
and not clear file: Rikkakuma Chu Chu (hair tie) $5
Chopper coaster: $1

Litchi Hikari Club clear files
Raizou/Jacobu $8
Zera/Jaibou $8

Magazine furoku, stickers and postcards

Kimi to Boku Set $15 (including shipping)

Set contains 2 posters, one small clear file and two special edition manga covers

Pandora Hearts set $20 (including shipping)

Set includes: two posters, a mousepad and 4 special edition manga covers

Miscellaneous G-fantasy furoku

Poster and manga cover for unknown manga: $5
Durarara!!! special manga covers $2 each
Nabari no Ou special manga cover $2

Animate bl card $1
Girl summer postcards: $2
Shounen Jump sticker $1
Card Captor Sakura sticker calendar (old) $2
Year 200 (year of the dragon) Newtype postcards $2

Girl postcards:$2 each sheet

Upper row, Gundam and Kaikan Phrase postcars: $1 each
BL postcards, Ayashi no Ceres and Nabari no Ou: $2

Haru wo Daiteta postcard: $2
Yebisu Celebrities? postcard $2
Nabari no Ou postcard: $2
Neji anime forehead tattoo: $2
Anbu tattoo $2
Everything else $1

Nakayoshi furoku set (from 2000) $3 (includes a set of stickers)
Full Metal Alchemist metallic sticker set: $2 (missing 2 stickers)
Sanrio stickers $2
Everything else: $1 each

All postcards and stickers $1 except for Gamer's moe card $5 and Yaoi Decal $3

Feel free to ask question and I do combine shipping!
Tags: anime, collectibles, fashion: egl, posters, stationery, video games
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