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Prophet of an art immovable to old idolatries.

Anime, manga, yaoi, Japanese textbooks and cookbooks, figurines, doujinshi, etc!

I apologize in advance for how image-heavy this post is.

All prices negotiable! Cookbook and language kit newly added!

Manga Cookbook - 8$

Japanese Language Learning
Living Language Japanese kit (Complete Course: Beginner) - Textbook, dictionary, and 4 CDs - 15$

Naruto boxed set 10
Naruto boxed set 11
Naruto boxed set 12
Naruto boxed set 13
Naruto boxed set 14
Naruto boxed set 15
Naruto boxed set 16
All boxed sets are 12$ each.


Hero Tales 1-2 - 3$ each
Kieli 1-2 - 3$ each
Nana 1-4 - 3$ each
Shutterbox 1-3 (OOP) - 3$ each
YuGiOh 1, 2, 4 - 4$ each
YuGiOh Duelist 6-8, 17-20 - 3$ each
YuGiOh Millennium World 2, 3- 3$ each
YuGiOh GX 1 - 3$


Revolutionary Girl Utena 1-4 (rare) - 35$ set ONLY


Gravitation 1-12 complete (OOP) - 80$ set ONLY


Viewfinder 1(Ayano Yamane) OUT OF PRINT - 40$ or best offer
A Foreign Love Affair (Ayano Yamane) OUT OF PRINT - 40$ or best offer
S 1 (lite novel) - 5$
Hero Heel 1 (Makoto Tateno) - 5$
Jazz 2 - 5$
Madness 1 (not shown) - 5$
Romantic Illusions (stand-alone) - 5$
*Crimson Spell 1-2 are not currently available for sale

Death Note L: Change the World - 8$

DOUJINSHI - Primarily Yaoi

Togainu no Chi

1) Dog Style / Pet Life. DOG VILLE. Gunji x Akira. Yaoi, NC17. 28 pages. - 10$
2) La festa di un cane di cttivo umore. DOG VILLE. Gunji x Akira. Yaoi, NC17. 32 pages. - 10$
3) Crescendo Yellow. DOG VILLE. Gunji x Akira. Yaoi/gag, NC17. 20 pages. - 10$
4) Egoistic Babies. FamiCom. Gunji x Akira, Kiriwar x Gunji. Light yaoi, gag, PG15. 28 pages - 7$
5) Unknown. Ku*TEN. Kiriwar x Gunji, Arbitro, Shiki, Inu. 36 pages. - 7$
6) Funky Strap. CM-x. Kiriwar x Takeru, Gunji x Akira. Hard yaoi, gag, R. 26 pages. - 7$

There may or may not be more coming. I have 3 more TnC ones I haven't taken pics of yet. (Another Gunji x Akira, a Kiriwar x Gunji, and a Kiriwar x Takeru)

1) Neko n Kanaderu Aria. Kushibirukara Sandonjuu. Rai x Konoe. Shounen-ai/soft yaoi, PG/PG13. 20 pages, - 5$



Ordered from left to right, up to down.

1) Contrail by Mononoke Hobakubutai. 2007. 72 pages. Deidara-centric. Worksafe. Collection. 25$
2) (Unknown) by West River + Fairy Dust (websites unavailable); mainly West River. 32 pages. SasoDei. 18+ smut. 12$
3) Kago by West River (website unavailable). 24 pages. SasoDei. Worksafe. General/fluff. 10$
4) Sasa sasa by datemaki (website unavailable). 18 pages. Gaara-centric with Deidara. Worksafe. Serious. 7$
5) (Unknown) by WSUC/ kotegawa and toco (website unavailable) 44 pages. SasoDei. Worksafe. Collection. Half gag, half serious (gorgeous). 20$

All doujinshi in like-new condition. None have been scanned. More pictures of the doujin available upon request.

Deidara 6" figurine from the NS series with stand - 12$
Deidara wallscroll - 10$ (please note that shipping will be extra)
Sasori & Deidara LE hand facecloth - 25$
Official item from the Shounen JUMP shop. It comes as a block. Put it in water and it will 'grow' to be a full-sized facecloth (image on cloth has Sasori and Deidara on it). Unopened. No longer available.

Limited Edition figures that came with the DVDs.
Ryuk = 12$ (he is HUGE)
Light, L = 10$ each
Misa, Rin, Gelos = 8$ each
(I am not selling the other guy)

Buy Light, L, and Ryuk together for 30$.
Add Misa and it's 36$
Buy all of them for 50$.

All prices negotiable within reason. All items are 100% authentic, bought in either America or Japan.

Paypal or Money Orders accepted. I will ship overseas, but the shipping will obviously be more expensive. Within the US, I can ship parcel or first class; it will be fairly cheap either way. Please leave a comment or send me a PM! Also, PLEASE do not tell me you'll buy something and never pay. I can't afford to put things on hold for more than a day or two unless I'm guaranteed payment.

In regards to trades.
I will accept trades, but there are VERY few items I am looking for. I am seeking:
Manga: Soul Eater 6+, Full Metal Alchemist 23+
DVDs: Death Note 9
Other: any Madara/Hashirama (from Naruto) merchandise I don't already have
I think that's it. If you don't have any of these things, please don't bother asking me for trades. Thanks.
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