Eun (eunicely) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Selling Red & Blue Circle Lenses & Long Dirty Blonde Wig

Hey everyone! I'm currently selling a pair of red circle lenses and a pair of blue ones. Plano. I am also selling a long light brown almost dirty blonde wig from Fantasy Sheep. Also new and unopened. 

More under the cut! Proof photos are also under the cut!

Red Lenses orignally from kiwiberry. 
Original link here:
Proof photo: 
Selling for $17 SHIPPED.

It's a nice wine red, natural enough but still pretty unique and can stand out.

Long Dirty Blonde Wig from Fantasy Sheep 80cm Long BRAND NEW
Selling for $40 Shipped
Proof Photo: 

I ordered these hoping they would come in time for a convention but sadly they didn't. :( Its a beautiful wig.

I accept CC and PP. 
I've sold things on coscom before as well as Ebay. 
:) Please feel free to ask me questions. 

Tags: fashion: cosplay, fashion: egl, fashion: general
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