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DS: A little Closet Cleaning

* SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY. Only comment if you plan on buying.
* I'm located in USA.
* Paypal only. Please send as personal payment.
* Shipping is included for US buyers.
* I always ship items via USPS priority mail in the US with tracking. International buyers welcome.
* Priority goes to who can pay first. Please leave your paypal to get priority.
* I will only do holds with a 20% non-refundable deposit. You back out and I leave neutral feedback.
* Sales are final- no refunds. I will not be responsible for any lost/damaged items *after* they have been shipped out.
* All measurements are taken flatly.

My feedback

I have a pet cat. She has never been near these items but, please be cautious if you're allergic.

NOTE: These pictures were taken with flash, so the colors are actually darker.

So onwards to sales!

Off-brand purple checked skirt: $20 shipped. I can't remember if I bought this at Forever 21 or H&M. The waistband is very stretchy so it can someone bigger than me. Measurements:
Length: 19 inches or 48.26 cm
Waist unstretched: 14 inches or 35.56 cm

title or description

Off-brand flower print skirt: $15 shipped. Bought at a thrift store, worn twice. The waist has no stretch. Measurements:
Length: 19 inches or 48.26 cm
Waist: 14.5 inches or 36.83 cm

title or description

bodyline red pirate skirt: $50. size M. Worn once. Measurements from bodyline:
Skirt Length 57cm
Waist 64-90cm

Corset Length 26cm
Waist 64-74cm

title or description

bodyline cherry print jsk: $60 shipped. size M. The flash has warped the colors; the cherries are indeed red, and overall color of the jsk is black. The bow is not included.

title or description

Thanks for looking!
Tags: fashion: egl
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