happysky (happysky) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Sticker Card Mania! Sailor Moon & Pokemon

I have a ton of Sailor Moon and Pokemon sticker cards (and some regular cards). They're not trading cards though. They're just.. pretty to have :D.

All cards are 5 for $1.00 unless otherwise noted. (Free first-class shipping!)

Cards will be given at random. If you specify a character preference, I will put it into consideration, but I'm not making any promises. However, there won't be any repeats unless you buy them all ^.^.

Sailor Moon Holographic Sticker Cards
- 50 Available (Buy 'em all for $10.00!)

Sailor Moon Soft Stickers (Non-Holographic)
- 10 Available (Buy 'em all for $2.00!)

Sailor Moon Laser Cards the backs are pictured, but the fronts (which have the same picture) are very holographic
- 16 Available (Buy 'em all for $3.00!)

Sailor Moon "Heavy"/Sturdy Cards (Non-Holographic)
- 4 for $1.00
- 12 Available (Buy 'em all for $3.00!)

Pokemon Holographic Sticker Cards (Scenes)
- 40 Available (Buy 'em all for $8.00!)

Pokemon Holographic Sticker Cards (Characters)
- 29 Available (Buy 'em all for $6.00! - I'll definitely throw in freebies to compensate for having 29 cards instead of 30)

I accept PayPal ($3.00 minimum - sorry!), cash, and money order (:. Don't forget to leave your email addy when you comment! ^.^

Will ship outside of the U.S. for a small additional fee to cover postage (:.


P.S. Is anyone interested in Tenchi Muyo! cards? If so, drop a message and I'll make a Tenchi post (:.
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